Near Final Update: Martin and Carter Win TUSD Seats, TID Incumbents Alamo and Macedo Lead


Update (11:04 p.m.): With 98.65 percent of precincts reporting, all local contests but one have now gone final.
Jennifer Carter, a human resources director, has secured the vacant Turlock Unified School District Trustee Area 6 seat with 403 votes, 66.07 percent of the total. She defeated Joe Lewis, a community volunteer, who claimed 202 votes.
The vacant Stanislaus County Board of Education Area 2 seat will go to Alice Pollard, a retired school administrator, who earned 3,779 votes. She bested Christopher Barth, a businessman and farmer, who received 2,554 votes.
The only local race yet to go final is the Turlock Irrigation District Division 5 contest, between incumbent Ron Macedo and retired irrigation worker Darrel Monroe. Macedo holds a substantial lead with 882 votes, 64.66 percent of the total, over Monroe's 482 votes. All Stanislaus County precincts have been counted, but much of Merced County remains to be tallied.
The Stanislaus County voter turnout sits at 16.52 percent, still the lowest since at least the March 5, 2002 election.
This will be's final update of Election Night.

Update (10:08 p.m.): Tuesday's Consolidated District Election may have had the lowest Stanislaus County voter turnout in more than a decade, if current trends hold true.
As of 10:08 p.m., only 15.63 percent of registered Stanislaus County voters had cast ballots. That's the lowest turnout since at least March 5, 2002. Records dating further back are not immediately available.
With 85.95 percent of Stanislaus County's votes counted, the end of election night is rapidly approaching.
Two local races have gone final, with all precincts counted.
Incumbent Turlock Irrigation District Division 3 Director Joe Alamo has defeated challenger Dan Agundez, a retired electric supervisor. Alamo claimed 820 votes, good for 63.22 percent of the electorate, while Agundez had just 496 votes.
Challenger Deborah Martin, a retired utility director, has unseated incumbent Turlock Unified School District Area 2 Trustee Tami Harrill-Muniz. Martin earned 62.88 percent of the vote, with 542 ballots cast in her favor; Harril-Muniz received just 318 votes.

Update (9:19 p.m.): Ron Macedo has surged into the lead over Darrel Monroe, in what was a tightly-contested Turlock Irrigation District Board of Directors race.
Macedo, the incumbent and a local farmer, now leads by nearly 30 percentage points. Monroe, a retired TID irrigation worker, had led by just 10 percentage points an hour ago.
The quick lead for Macedo came as Merced County, which contains part of TID Division 5, has released its preliminary vote counts. Stanislaus County has also released its second round of results from Tuesday's Consolidated District Election, with 57.3 percent of precincts counted.
All race leaders remain unchanged from's last update, save for in the Keyes Community Services District race. That race remains far too close to call, with 11 votes separating first from fourth.
Based on today's exceedingly low voter turnout – hovering at 12.82 percent in Stanislaus County – results could be unlikely to change much at this point.
Initial post: The Stanislaus County Registrar of Voters has just released the early returns from Tuesday's Consolidated District Election.

As of 8:00 p.m., only 42.7 percent of districts are reporting. These results can – and likely will – change before the night is through.
Incumbents Joe Alamo and Ron Macedo are currently leading in the Turlock Irrigation District races, though retired irrigation worker Darrel Monroe is within 40 votes of Macedo.
Challenger Deborah Martin, a retired utility director, leads incumbent Tami Harrill-Muniz in one Turlock Unified School District race, while human resources director Jennifer Carter leads community volunteer Joe Lewis for the other seat.
Stay with, where we'll update the results as they come in.
Current leaders of all local races are italicised. Results are current as of 11:04 p.m.

Turlock Irrigation District – Division 3 FINAL
Joe Alamo, Agribusinessman –  820 votes, 63.22 percent
Daniel Agundez, Retired Electric Supervisor –  469 votes, 36.16 percent
Turlock Irrigation District – Division 5 (includes votes from Merced County)
Ron Macedo, Incumbent –  882 votes, 64.66 percent
Darrel Monroe, Retired Irrigation Worker –  482 votes, 35.33 percent
Turlock Unified School District – Trustee Area 2 FINAL
Tami Harrill-Muniz, Incumbent –  318 votes, 36.89 percent
Deborah Martin, Retired Utility Director –  542 votes, 62.88 percent
Turlock Unified School District – Trustee Area 6 FINAL
Joe Lewis, Community Volunteer –  202 votes, 33.11 percent
Jennifer Carter, Human Resources Director –  403 votes, 66.07 percent

Stanislaus County Board of Education – Area 2FINAL
Alice J. Pollard, Retired School Administrator  –  3,779 votes, 59.32 percent
Christopher Barth, Businessman/Farmer  –  2,553 votes, 40.08 percent
Denair Unified School District – Full Term (Two Seats)FINAL
Sandi Dirkse, Business Owner/Farmer –  663 votes, 41.96 percent
Robert Hodges, Farmer –  364 votes, 23.04 percent
Travis “T.J.” Lake, Group Home Administrator –  258 votes, 16.33 percent
Troy Hirshkorn, Registered Nurse –  142 votes, 8.99 percent
Regina "Reggie" Gomes, Technology Support Specialist –  149 votes, 9.43 percent
Denair Unified School District – Short TermFINAL
Kathi Dunham-Filson, Educator –  449 votes, 52.27 percent
Joel Sanders, Maintenance Transportation Director –  410 votes, 47.73 percent
Denair Community Services District (Two Seats) FINAL
Ronald R. Richardson, Appointed Incumbent –  199 votes, 27.60 percent
Diedre Thomas, Incumbent –  254 votes, 35.23 percent
Don Smith Jr., Retired Water Operator –  265 votes, 36.75 percent
Keyes Community Services District (Three Seats)FINAL
William Alexander, Appointed Incumbent –  86 votes, 25.67 percent
Davie Landers, Incumbent –  77 votes, 22.99 percent
Eddie Jones, Retired Maintenance Supervisor –  88 votes, 26.27 percent
Johnathon Parker, Incumbent –  82 votes, 24.48 percent

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