Pedestrian Safety Enforcement in Turlock Wednesday


Jaywalkers – and drivers who don't yield to pedestrians – beware.

The Turlock Police Department will conduct a Pedestrian Safety Enforcement detail on Wednesday, in hopes of bringing awareness to the dangers of vehicle versus pedestrian collisions.

The detail, part of the Stanislaus Countywide Integrated Traffic Enforcement (CITE) effort, will see motorcycle officers from across the county target pedestrian violations. Officers will focus enforcement on both pedestrians breaking the law, and motorists who put pedestrians in danger by not following the law.

The effort comes as Turlock has experienced a marked increase in the number of vehicle versus pedestrian collisions, the Turlock Police Department says. Both pedestrians and drivers can be at fault, according to CITE.

“The goal is that both motorists and pedestrians will be cognizant of the traffic laws and be mindful of each other,” said Turlock Police Officer Sgt. Neil Cervenka.

The CITE team consists of officers from Modesto, Turlock, Ceres, Patterson, Newman, Waterford, and the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department. Those officers meet routinely to discuss specific traffic problems in each community.

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  1. Linda Tagholm says:

    I’m all for the Safety Enforcement event. I take my granddaughter to school often times and drivers are just not paying attention to parents and children walking – even in the crosswalk. On the other hand, I believe that pedestrians need a warning when jaywalking as well.

    In Modesto, myself and co-workers often walk across the street to 7-11 using the signal lights and on three separate occasions, we have almost been hit by driver who don’t want to wait or give the right away to the pedestrian.

    Often times, pedestrians don’t look when they are jaywalking or even walking on the side of the road – Pedestrians need to be cautious of their surroundings and walk with safety in mind as well.

    Keep you the great work!

  2. Amye Leon says:

    Time for a crosswalk at Christofferson/Picadilly?

  3. John P says:

    How about the TPD start giving highschoolers tickets as the meander accross Canal on their way to school? OR the THS could hire another crossing guard for the west bound lane of Canal? How about they start ticketing parents who let their children off in the middle of the road? There is a dangerous situation at Canal and Berkley and TPD doesn’t seem interested in resolving it. A couple questions for our Chief of Police:
    1. Is blocking traffic at an intersection to disembark passengers Illegal?
    2. Are childern who do not take their turn to allow traffic to pass even at a cross walk committing Jay-walking?
    3. When a young adult is injured or worse at the intersection due to not obeying traffic laws and common sense, is the school going to share in the culpability of the incident.
    THS, you need to get another crossing guard for the West bound lane at Canal and Berkley. It apparently is too much to ask that young adults obey common sense and manners and take their turn instead of just walking out into the cross walk as they please.

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