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TID, TUSD and Local Turlock Election Results


The Stanislaus County Registrar of Voters has just released the early returns from Tuesday's Consolidated District Election.

As of 8:00 p.m., only 42.7 percent of districts are reporting. These results can – and likely will – change before the night is through.

Incumbents Joe Alamo and Ron Macedo are currently leading in the Turlock Irrigation District races, though retired irrigation worker Darrel Monroe is within 40 votes of Macedo.

Challenger Deborah Martin, a retired utility director, leads incumbent Tami Harrill-Muniz in one Turlock Unified School District race, while human resources director Jennifer Carter leads community volunteer Joe Lewis for the other seat.

Stay with TurlockCityNews.com, where we'll update the results as they come in.

Current leaders of all local races are italicized.

Turlock Irrigation District – Division 3
Joe Alamo, Agribusinessman –  590 votes, 62.63 percent
Daniel Agundez, Retired Electric Supervisor –  345 votes, 36.62 percent
Turlock Irrigation District – Division 5
Ron Macedo, Incumbent –  220 votes, 54.73 percent
Darrel Monroe, Retired Irrigation Worker –  180 votes, 44.78 percent
Turlock Unified School District – Trustee Area 2
Tami Harrill-Muniz, Incumbent –  255 votes, 37.23 percent
Deborah Martin, Retired Utility Director –  428 votes, 62.48 percent
Turlock Unified School District – Trustee Area 6
Joe Lewis, Community Volunteer –  153 votes, 32.14 percent
Jennifer Carter, Human Resources Director –  320 votes, 67.23 percent
Stanislaus County Board of Education – Area 2
Alice J. Pollard, Retired School Administrator  –  3,007 votes, 59.91 percent
Christopher Barth, Businessman/Farmer  –  1,982 votes, 39.49 percent
Denair Unified School District – Full Term (Two Seats)
Sandi Dirkse, Business Owner/Farmer –  509 votes, 42.00 percent
Robert Hodges, Farmer –  281 votes, 23.18 percent
Travis “T.J.” Lake, Group Home Administrator –  190 votes, 15.68 percent
Troy Hirshkorn, Registered Nurse –  107 votes, 8.83 percent
Regina "Reggie" Gomes, Technology Support Specialist –  123 votes, 10.15 percent
Denair Unified School District – Short Term
Kathi Dunham-Filson, Educator –  354 votes, 54.05 percent
Joel Sanders, Maintenance Transportation Director –  301 votes, 45.95 percent
Denair Community Services District (Two Seats)
Ronald R. Richardson, Appointed Incumbent –  153 votes, 28.71 percent
Diedre Thomas, Incumbent –  187 votes, 35.08 percent
Don Smith Jr., Retired Water Operator –  193 votes, 36.21 percent
Keyes Community Services District (Three Seats)
William Alexander, Appointed Incumbent –  51 votes, 26.98 percent
Davie Landers, Incumbent –  44 votes, 23.28 percent
Eddie Jones, Retired Maintenance Supervisor –  43 votes, 28.04 percent
Johnathon Parker, Incumbent –  40 votes, 21.16 percent

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  1. TID employee says:

    Well Leslie should have never divorced the fat country bumpkin. He could have won the election….oops he opened his mouth. Looks like a few managers will manage to keep their jobs.

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