Food Trailer Stolen from Turlock Pumpkin Patch


A 15-foot food and drink trailer was stolen from the R.A.M. Farms Pumpkin Patch, located at 716 N. Daubenberger Rd, sometime between 5:30 and 9 p.m. last night.

R.A.M. Farms owner Karen Macedo says the trailer is worth about $20,000, including the equipment that was inside the trailer. Fortunately, there was no money being held in the trailer since the pumpkin patch closed after Halloween.

However, Macedo had planned on using the trailer to sell food and drinks at R.A.M. Farms' upcoming Field of Ice temporary ice skating rink.

“Hopefully it will turn up if it’s not already being used by someone in Mexico or something,” said Macedo. “It’s really a problem because we were planning on using it to serve hot drinks and food when the ice skating rink opens Nov. 29. If it doesn’t turn up, then we’ll have to figure something else out.”

Turlock's first-ever temporary outdoor ice skating rink will measure 60-feet by 80-feet in size, and will be open until Jan. 12.

The theft was reported to Turlock police. Anyone with information can call Macedo at (209) 649-07078 or the Turlock Police Department at (209) 668-5550.

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  1. Racist news says:

    What happened to the Turlock City News? Why is it promoting attacking Indians and now Mexicans? Sarah Palin and Fox News have influenced Alex Cantatore.

  2. Carl Camp says:

    Sounds like maybe your the Racist person, not TCN. A human was murdered and the suspects are in custody, it just so happens that all three are Indian, that’s irrelivenat to the issue. And a lot of stolen vehicles are taken accross the border because it’s harder to trace them. There’s nothing racist about that. It’s time for you to put the tube of glue down and go get a job.

  3. JOE says:

    How does this make the site racist?? They were quoting her ignorant comment. So, I think Karen is the racist one here. People are so quick to scream racism now a days! Get a life!

  4. Cindy says:

    Why is it only one person in this article and comments to follow racist. Seems to me there are other racist comments going on.
    The family who sponsors the Pumpkin Patch and now the Ice Rink spend many months of their time to bring joy to ALL races in our community. They provide a safe place for everyone to have fun.
    I admire what they do for our town.
    I guess “Karen” could have said, “maybe our trailer will end up in Italy.” But then that would be ignorant wouldn’t it.
    It is frustrating that many items are stolen from their venue and because of this they have to be there 24/7 or look what happens.
    I am sure the comment had nothing to do with racism and everything to do with proximity.
    Sheesh, can we give anyone a break now a days?

  5. Will the tweekers ever go extinct? says:

    Mexico is a strong likelihood. So is some nasty garage at a local tweeker pad. WTF is so racist about knowing where stolen goods end up?

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