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TUSD Inter-district Transfers Remain Flat


A total of 535 students transferred to the Turlock Unfied School District this year, a slight increase from 531 last year. However, 411 students that would normally be in TUSD schools transferred away to other districts, up from 343 last year.

Despite the increased number of students leaving the district, total enrollment was up 50 to 60 students, resulting in little overall impact.

The largest group of students transferring to TUSD came from the troubled Denair Unified School District. More than 250 of the 535 TUSD transfer students came from DUSD alone.

The majority of students who left TUSD schools, 206 of 411, transferred to DUSD and Hilmar Unified School District.

According to TUSD Director of Student Services Gil Ogden, the vast majority of transfers were either existing transfer students who reapplied for transfer, or students transferring to the school their parents work for.

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