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Weekly Lowlights from the Turlock Police Log


Since the calendar turned to November, the Turlock Police Department has been logging a substantial amount of activity on the police log.

Beginning last Friday, Elias Gill, 43, was stopped for a traffic infraction at intersection of Marshall and Palm streets at around 3p.m. Unfortunately for Gill, TPD happened to discover he was in possession of heroin and he was arrested.

Just after 12 noon on Saturday, Julie Tovar, 29, was arrested for burglary and fraud after attempting to pay for items with two counterfeit bills. A subsequent search reveled additional counterfeit money.

On Sunday, Michael Linn, 38, was busted for possession of meth at 3:30 a.m. Sadly for Linn, he was only contacted by TPD during an unrelated investigation. Evidently TPD could tell he was allegedly “on something” or “holding something.”

Javier Corea, 35, allegedly ended a nice Sunday with a bit of shoplifitng. He was arrested at 5 p.m. in the 2100 block of Fulkerth Road.

Sunday evening was capped with another arrest for possession of meth at 9 p.m., this time it was Victoriano Cebero, 44, who was contacted by TPD while he was riding his bicycle near Race Street and Minaret Avenue.

The possession theme continued Monday morning when Zeb Grunioh, 30, was located by TPD sitting in a vehicle allegedly shooting up heroin in the 2300 block of Mayfaire Drive. He was arrested for possession of heroin.

Just after midnight on Tuesday morning, Roy Rich, 57, was contacted by TPD while snoozing in an alley near the 1100 block of Cahill Avenue. Rich was out of luck, as he had an outstanding warrant for battery. He was arrested and booked.

Less than an hour later, TPD found Carol Harlan, 43, in a park after hours at Farr and High streets, ironically enough. Only Harlan wasn’t playing on the monkey bars – she was arrested for possession of meth.

TPD nabbed an allegedly impaired driver at 1:08 p.m. Wednesday near Highway 99 and Fulkerth Road. Ryan Pappas, 24, was found asleep behind the wheel of his car, just snoozing away, after several passing drivers reported him. Officers conducted a field sobriety test and determined he was driving under the influence of drugs.

At 10:47 p.m. on Wednesday, Mikeal Estrada, 21 was busted shoplifting at Kohl’s. He was arrested and released with a citation.

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  1. OH NO not another tweeker says:

    Godamned churches keeping these stupid tweeters & junkies in town. STOP FEEDING THEM! THEY WILL GO AWAY!

  2. Gerbo says:

    Nice post OH NO. Did you mean to sound uneducated about the situation, or is that a bonus…? Different churches take different approaches – not all the same.

  3. Shiloh says:

    I agree. The free handouts in Turlock keep the tweakers around. I understand being compassionate and charitable, but it seems like the free “help” is only enabling them. And also, Roy Rich is my father. And the way this article worded his arrest doesn’t sit well with me. He’s not well mentally, nor physically. He chooses to live the way he does. But hey, at least he’s not a tweaker.

  4. Please move ASAP says:

    The three comments below were probably posted by the same person OR have the collected I.Q. of 6. The rest of the Turlock community would like you to move back to Ballico with Kurt Spycher’s family. It’s so much easier to “wear” a WWJD bracelet than actually “Love Turlock”. You all are hpyocrites (spelled incorrectly so you can read this out loud to yourself)

  5. Shiloh says:

    Who the hell is Kurt Spycher? I assure you that I’m not the same person as the two comments before me. Which is why I left a name instead of hiding behind the name “guest.”

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