Festival of Lights to Hit Turlock on Black Friday

David Fransen|

For most Americans, the day after Thanksgiving is synonymous with one thing: Black Friday.

But for Turlockers, Black Friday isn't black at all – it's all about the lights.

“Everything is focused on Central Park and the traditional lighting of the tree,” said Dana McGarry, Downtown Property Owners Association manager.

The annual Turlock Festival of Lights Christmas Tree Lighting will be held from 4 to 9 p.m. Nov. 29., in Downtown Turlock's Central Park. The park is located at the intersection of Main Street and Golden State Boulevard.

The main event, as always, will be the 7 p.m. tree lighting ceremony. Mayor John Lazar will be on-hand to count down to the big moment, when the switch is flipped and Turlock's Christmas Tree begins to shine.

And the tree won't be the only thing to light up. All of Central Park will come to light, with special Christmas lights which “dance” to music.

“It's super groovy, super cool,” McGarry said.

Guests will be treated to free carriage rides, courtesy of Peppermint Creek Carriage, a Santa's Village in Rainbow Fabrics, and performances from youth singing groups. Cruzin' Critters will also have a wide array of exotic animals on display, including a giant tortoise.

“They were a big hit last year, and they were at Taste of Turlock this year and again were a huge hit,” McGarry said.

Vendors will also be selling their wares along Main Street, with temporary booths set up from Center Street to Broadway.

And, of course, the vast majority of downtown merchants will be open throughout the Festival of Lights, offering Turlockers a chance to get started on their Christmas shopping.

“The merchants are getting excited and prepared for all the extra visitors,” McGarry said.

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  1. BRENDA BESSEY says:
    Im sorry but our family wont be there. Dana is the woman who did the 4th of July parade and that was horrible so my family and i would rather stay in warm and not waste our time.
  2. Dana says:
    Go milk your cow Brenda
  3. BRENDA BESSEY says:
    How about you just milk me Dana.
  4. Juan says:
    How bout you (BRENDA) help yourself to a glass of "shut-(*edited by tcn)-up"
  5. Dana says:
    I cannot milk something with no nipples?
  6. Swanson says:
    How about Brenda, Dana, Jaun, Alen and me all get together and drink milk from sunrise to sunset.
  7. Anon. says:
    Mr. Cantatore, your facial hair is spectacular. I had the pleasure of meeting you and your fine beard in person and let me just say "wow."
  8. Nipples says:
    We'll be at the Festival of Lights standing out. You'll see us! Stop ans say hi and give us a kiss.
  9. Jeeves says:
    I also love Alex's head/facial hair. It's more than spectacular, It's stupendous!
  10. D.E. says:
  11. greenacres says:
    sadly the events in downtown seem to get smaller and smaller and less original every year...same old stuff, same old theme--which hardly shows how Turlock is a more interesting place thes days and that downtown has more to do.. maybe Trina can come back and do the downtown a solid just like she did for Halloween

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