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Power Pole Fire Alarms Residents


A power pole fire in the 100 block of Fifth Street and Lacy Way prompted an emergency notification to residents in the immediate area, instructing them to remain inside their homes at 10:11 p.m. last night.

According to Turlock Police Public Information Officer Mayra Lewis, Turlock Fire Department Engine 31 responded to the scene, isolated the area, and requested that residents be notified to shelter in place. TFD extinguished the fire after the Turlock Irrigation District shut off the power. Power was restored shortly thereafter and there were no injuries or secondary fires as a result of the incident.

TID Spokesperson Michelle Reimers says the cause of the fire was likely weather related. She explained that a combination of dust and light rain or drizzle can cause the power poles to become conductive – especially with the first rain of the season. This morning alone TID has responded to more than 15 power pole fires throughout its service area, and expects further incidents. Reimers says most power outages will be limited to just a few customers at a time. All TID crews and contractors are out servicing calls as they come in. TID encourages customers to be patient.

For more information on power outages, visit www.tid.com/customer-service.

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  1. Doesn't make cents says:

    I seen these contractors, “Joe Alamo’s reliability plan?” sitting on there butts in a restaurant, for over 2hrs while people are with out power, On the TID clock I’m sure. Does TID have any say the way these contractors conduct themselves?

  2. WDO#12 says:

    If the contractors were “sitting on their butts” for 2 hours then the TID linemen were “sitting on their butts” for 4 hours. Simple math.

  3. Whatever says:

    Yep the contractors dropped the ball on this job for sure!! Good job Alamo & GM on your reliability plan!! Worked well didn’t it. And this was a mild storm, look out when a big one hits, people will be out of power for days if they have to rely on the “reliability plan” To WDO#12 why didn’t you get off your butt and get out there and get people back in power? Why because you wouldn’t know the first thing. :p

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