Xbox One Launch Subdued, Few Turlockers Line Up


Last week’s release of the Sony PlayStation 4 video game console was chaotic, with lines at the Countryside Drive GameStop reported to stretch all the way to McDonald’s as early as 2 p.m. on Thursday.

This week’s launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One console, however, lacked that same enthusiasm.

The Xbox One, which released at 12 midnight Thursday evening, has been classified by Microsoft as an “all-in-one entertainment system” which aims to replace other home media systems. Much like Sony’s PS4 and Nintendo’s Wii U, the Xbox One is part of the eighth generation of consoles. Microsoft’s addition seems to have mixed reviews, however, with an entirely empty path around the store at 7:45 p.m. the PS4’s busiest time.

According to Zach Salyers, one of the first in line for the console, the queue started at around 5 p.m. considerably later than the PS4 line. Among the aspects of the Xbox One that Salyers was looking forward to were the exclusive games and the Blu-Ray capabilities. It should be noted, however, that Sony owns the Blu-Ray technology.

“I think the Xbox One is higher [on the ranking scale],” Salyers said, when asked to compare the Xbox One and the PS4. “There’s a lot more games. PS4 doesn’t have a lot of games coming out for it. […] A lot of those games that are exclusive [to the PS4] won’t come out until next year-like (open-world superhero adventure) ‘Infamous: Second Son.'”

“Xbox One has a lot of games coming out at once,” Salyers continued. “I have eight games pre-ordered. (gladiator action game) ‘Ryse (Son of Rome),’ (racing game) ‘Forza (Motorsport) 5,’ (motion-controlled sports game) ‘Kinect Sports: Rivals, ‘(military first-person shooter) ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts,’ (pirate adventure game) ‘Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.’ Almost all the launch titles. And you get a free game with Xbox One: (fighting game) ‘Killer Instinct.'”

Tyler Ham, nearer to the end of the line, echoed Salyers’ enthusiasm for the titles available on the console, and no doubt bloggers like will be keen to review these new games when they get their hands on them.

“I’m excited about just getting this thing, I’ve been waiting for a couple of months,” said Ham. “I’m excited for all the new games coming out, obviously- (soccer game) ‘FIFA 13,’ ‘Call of Duty,’ all the popular ones.”

When asked about the processor, however, he could only reply “it’s pretty up-to-date. It’s better than the older stuff. They’ve come a long way since seven or eight years ago.”

Another customer, Miguel Craig, listed the various home media center additions that he was looking forward to.

“[It has an] upgraded system, voice command features- like you’ll be able to tell it to switch to the TV and off the TV,” said Craig, adding that he’d been a fan of Xbox since the first console’s release in 2001. Like the others, he stated that he was most excited about the games, among them the open-world zombie adventure “Dead Rising 3,” “Killer Instinct” and futuristic first-person shooter “Titanfall.”

One of the most popular games for the while it has been out is Call of Duty, which comes in many forms; black ops, modern warfare and cold war to name a few. Even more addictive is Call of Duty Zombies which you can play on different maps or mixed altogether on transit mode. Classic favourites like these are a popular choice to play on Xbox.

Similarly to last week, GameStop has reported that there are no more consoles for sale. However, the 48-hour hold on pre-orders is still in effect, meaning that those who do not pick up their consoles as of Sunday morning will forfeit their claim and open the console to a potential buyer.

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