Stanislaus Unemployment Rates Fair High in Comparison to State, Nation


Stanislaus County unemployment rates went up slightly in October, rising from 11 percent in September to 11.7, according to the California Employment Development Department.

The rates are down from last year’s unemployment rate of 13.6 percent. Still, Stanislaus County rates are high compared to an unadjusted unemployment rate of 8.3 percent for California and 7 percent for the nation during this period.

September’s 11 percent unemployment rate was the lowest Stanislaus County has seen within the last two years.

Stanislaus County’s unemployment rate for October is just slightly higher than San Joaquin County’s at 11.6 percent, and comparable to Merced County’s at 12.1. Tuolumne County showed a lower unemployment rate than other neighboring counties at 8.7 percent.

The number of unemployed persons within Stanislaus County is 27,300. The number of employed is 206,800.

The unemployment rates for Stanislaus County are taking a slow and steady descent– but the question remains: who makes up this 11 percent?

The revised statistics for September versus the preliminary statistics for October show the highest changes in unemployment occurred in manufacturing, with 3,500 new unemployed persons and trade, transportation, and utilities, with 800. In comparing October 2012 with preliminary rates for October of this year, the manufacturing field and the mining, logging, and construction industry showed the highest changes of unemployment, both up 1,500.

Recently, U.S. Rep. Jeff Denham has looked to reduce the unemployment rate, in ways large and small.

Nov. 7, Denham introduced the United We Stand to Hire Veterans Act to combat unemployment for veterans. The bipartisan, bi-cameral bill is meant to better connect current and former members of the Armed Services with employment opportunities by combining multiple job portals. Currently, there is no single portal that helps veterans and service members find employment.

Back in September, Denham worked more locally to fight Stanislaus County’s unemployment rate by putting on the Central Valley Job Fair in coalition with Stanislaus Economic Development & Workforce Alliance. The fair connected job seekers with employers looking to hire.

No job fairs are currently on the horizon, but the City of Turlock’s website provides links and opportunities to job seeking within the community.

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  1. mark says:

    the REAL reasons unemployment figures are DOWN from January 2012 are simple
    and are no longer counted.
    2.) MANY UNEMPLOYED people AND their families are LEAVING THE COUNTY to find work some in other counties ,MANY in OTHER STATES.

  2. Chris (The first one not the fake one or the real one) says:

    So what Mark? They are off the rolls. Unemployment benefits are suppose to expire otherwise we’d call it welfare.

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