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Black Friday Crowds Pack Turlock Stores

Noel Daniel|

This Thanksgiving, hundreds of Turlock residents left their turkey and potatoes for long lines in the chilly night air. With most stores starting their Black Friday sales between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Thursday night, many Thanksgiving dinners were cut short.

Phil Rojas, for example, waited with his friend Anthony Sarment outside of GameStop for the coveted Sony PlayStation 4 video game console. Rojas had been waiting since 6 p.m. for the store's midnight opening.

“I already got a couple games preordered, but I just don’t have the system yet,” said Rojas. “A lot of my friends have been getting PS4s.”

One of those friends is Sarment, who explained that this was the only chance before the after-Christmas sales to get the PS4.

“Already got my games, already been playing for two weeks,” said Sarment. “I figured I’d just hang out with him, so he wouldn’t have to be by himself.”

Sarment wasn’t the only one there for support. Belsin Barkhosir held his sister’s place in line in front of Old Navy. He’d only just gotten in line and was fairly near the door – but apparently the true wait was inside.

“I think the sale just started— maybe at eight?” said Barkhosir. “I know the line inside takes maybe an hour and a half to go through, because you have to wait to go in and then you have to buy stuff and get in line. Someone came out and said ‘I don’t want to wait an hour and a half’ and I think that’s the expected time.”

He laughed as he explained he was only there for his sister, Sweeny Barkhosir, who managed to purchase an eyeshadow palette and brushes from the Ulta Beauty store next door.

“[She’s] only made one stop so far, in Ulta Beauty,” he said. “She’s just dragging me from girly store to girly store.”

Kasey John is another supportive sibling who helps her sister tackle the hassles of Black Friday.

“For the last few years, my sister and I have gotten together on Thanksgiving to map out her plan for Black Friday shopping,” said John. “We sit in the living room and spread the newspaper ads all over the floor to chart which stores open first and what places have the best deals. Her favorite places to start are usually Target, Toys ‘R Us, and Kohl’s.”

For those who missed last night’s Black Friday madness, there are still some deals to be found online. Amazon.com has a number of discounts, including 50 percent off select Samsung TVs. Wal-Mart is offering a $75 Wal-Mart gift card for shoppers who buy a new iPhone. And Newegg recently unlocked its Black Friday codes for its biggest sale of the year.

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