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More Than 1,000 Audition for Bernsen Film in Turlock

Alex Cantatore|

A whopping 1,190 people tried out for roles in Turlock's first feature film, Turlock Film Commission Founder Michael Everett said Wednesday.

That's far more than the roughly 800 people Everett expected to audition for the romantic comedy film, written and directed by Corbin Bernsen of “Psych” and “L.A. Law” fame. And the number simply blew away the film's production staff – Bernsen included.

“It surprised them all how big the turnout was,” Everett said.

It was so many people, in fact, that Bernsen is pondering adding another scene to get more extras involved. Enough capable, quality people applied that Bernsen could fill the stands of a football stadium, Everett said.

“Bernsen's really pleased with the quality,” Everett said. “… He said, 'I wish I was doing a sports movie.”

A total of 629 people walked through the door on Monday night alone. The line circled Pet Extreme – the site of the auditions – and backed up all the way to Home Depot at one point.

And though Everett expected a dip in turnout for day two of the auditions, a further 561 people lined up for a chance at stardom, entering the queue as early as 12 noon. Fortunately for those waiting, the line itself never got as long as Monday's; auditions started earlier than scheduled, to help keep the line moving.

Those in line seemed to enjoy themselves despite the lengthy wait, Everett said.

“Everybody had a good time in line, they got to know each other,” Everett said. “I was afraid it was going to be boring.

It wasn't only Turlockers in line. People from Los Angeles, Arizona, and even Illinois tried out for the film, Everett said.

Film crew will now look through photographs taken of the potential actors, and call some people back for more in-depth auditions next week. Those lucky eight or ten actors will earn a small speaking role, with perhaps a line or two of dialogue.

About 200 or 300 more locals will earn spots as extras in the film. As many as 300 more extras could get involved if Bernsen decides to add an extra scene, probably a big, outdoor, downtown Christmas scene Everett said.

Given the ever-changing filming schedule and the in-flux script, extras will be called 20 or 30 at a time, just a day or two in advance of a scene's filming.

“A lot of people won't know until the last minute,” Everett said.

Though much work remains to be done, things are on-track for filming to start in Turlock Dec. 5, wrapping up by Dec. 18.

“We're ready to rock-and-roll,” Everett said.

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