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Male Lead of Corbin Bernsen’s Turlock Film Revealed

Jonathan Patrick Moore IMB Page - Gregg DeGuire - © WireImage|

Jonathan Patrick Moore, of film and TV fame, will play the male lead in Corbin Bernsen's new movie, currently being shot in Turlock.

Moore's character, Paul Wood, is the romantic interest of the female lead Gwen, played by Lacey Chabert of “Mean Girls” and “Party of Five” fame.

The family-friendly romantic comedy follows Gwen's search for Mr. Right, as she turns to a Christian dating website after growing tired of meeting jerks at bars. The only problem is that Gwen isn't all that Christian, especially compared to the Paul, a pastor's son.

Moore, an Australian actor, is perhaps best known for portraying Connor Lake in “The L.A. Complex,” a Canadian coming-of-age drama about the residents of a Los Angeles housing complex which airs on The CW in America.

Moore also stars in the ABC Family film “The Mistle-Tones,” which follows a Christmas signing group. And he portrayed Ian Musgrave in the Lifetime film “William & Kate.”

Moore got his break on an Australian soap opera, “Neighbours,” portraying Angus Henderson. He continued on Australian TV in “All-Saints,” a soap opera similar to America's “General Hospital.”

Moore went on to star in the Australian comedy horror film “The Director's Cut.”

While in Australia Moore was known as Jonathan Wood, but he was forced to change his name upon arriving in America. Another Jonathan Wood was already registered with the Screen Actors Guild.

Moore was born in 1982 in Australia. He graduated from the Adelaide Center for Performing Arts in 2004.

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