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“Christian Mingle” Filming to Take Over Downtown Turlock on Monday

Alex Cantatore|

Downtown Turlock won't be filled with cars and shoppers on Monday – it'll be filled with film crews, instead.

The Turlock filming of “Christian Mingle,” the family-friendly romantic comedy written and directed by Corbin Bernsen of “L.A. Law” and “Psych” fame, will take over West Main Street and shutter the road to traffic.

According to Micheal Everett, founder of the Turlock Film Commission, the full day of filming will consist of exterior shots. Actors like female lead Lacey Chabert of “Mean Girls” fame will film scenes walking into doorways, shopping, and simply strolling along the sidewalk.

Members of the public are invited to watch the filming throughout the day, but the production will require a partial closure of West Main Street.

“People can come out and watch for sure, but we're going to close the roads,” Everett said.

Starting at 8 a.m. Monday, West Main Street will be closed from Lander Avenue to Broadway. The closure will extend to cover the stretch of West Main Street from First Street to Broadway at 5 p.m. The road is expected to reopen at 12 midnight.

The closure is necessary, Everett said, to cut down on noise for filming. The sound of a rumbling truck or a car horn can ruin a shot.

Sidewalks and businesses on West Main Street will remain open throughout the road closure, but all vehicle traffic is advised to find an alternate route.

“Be patient with us,” Everett said.

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  1. wow says:

    are you kidding me? the title of the film is christian mingle? what the f*** is that?

  2. So Great says:

    Whooda thunk ole Turlock would be in a real motion picture one day? I can see the heads of the locals expanding right before my very eyes…

  3. Lewis says:

    This is not a real motion picture, just a long commercial for christianmingle.com

  4. fyi says:

    The parent company that owns Christian Mingle also owns JDate.com a Jewish oriented dating site, LDSSingles.com a Mormon dating site, SilverSingles.com a secular dating site for the mature/senior market, BlackSingles.com which targets the African American dating market. There’s obviously big-bucks to be made in the “true believer” religious market regardless of the “brand” of religion or ethnic/cultural sector. “Christianmingle.com…Find God’s Match For You!”…please, now Turlock is now part of this marketing crap, that sucks.

  5. Insider says:

    They’re making the movie to capitalize on their website http://www.ChristianMingle.com. That’s where the real cashola is. They want to be the EHarmoney of the Christian community. Smart people.

  6. hollywood says:

    Yeah smart people, but no class or self-integrity or artistic-integrity. And like bowel movements, movies like these are a dime a dozen.

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