Christmas Lights Shine in Turlock

Noel Daniel|

Turlock has a lot of Christmas spirit, offering a plethora of events and decorations that are displayed about the town. Most beautiful of all, however, are the shows that pop up after dark.

There are a number of beautifully-lit streets to drive down around this time of year. Many Turlockers make it a tradition to visit the elaborate light shows set up around the town.

“Every year, my parents and I go down the Christmas Tree Lane off of Berkeley, after we go to my grandparent's Christmas Eve party,” said Ashley Stinson, an area resident. “My mom loves to roll down the windows and listen for the tinny Christmas music that plays from some of the houses, no matter how cold it gets in the car.”

The first in the list is Oxford Court, which boasts a train track that runs around the entirety of the cul-de-sac. The train operating hours are from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Oxford Court is located just off of Minnesota, and is definitely worth a look.

Second, and certainly most elaborate of all, is Christmas Tree Lane, a neighborhood full of decorations and holiday cheer. Cars can enter by either Eeast Tuolumne Road or Berkeley Avenue. If on Tuolumne, look for Wellerman Way, and for Michael Way if starting on Berkeley. The entire stretch of road, including both Deanna and Teresa courts, is bedecked with decorations and offers music, candy canes and occasionally hot chocolate.

One of Turlock’s more hidden gems is California Avenue. The road is a winter wonderland, flocked by Turlock’s trademark trees that have been decorated with strands of white lights. A slow drive down California Avenue should definitely go on the list for necessary stops on Christmas Day.

Finally, 1441 Sycamore St. may not sprawl an entire neighborhood, but manages to be just as awe-inspiring on its own. The music-themed light show is an absolute delight, spanning the entire corner. The owners of the house also provide hot chocolate in addition to airing the music that the light show is themed to.

A slow drive through any of these decorated neighborhoods is the perfect end to any Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebration.

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