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Sew Creative Upholstery and U-Haul owner Eddie Dixon is a man on a mission – a mission to catch the man he says stole hundreds of gallons of gasoline over several months from U-Haul trucks at his property on Lander Ave.

Dixon is one step closer after a revealing Facebook conversation with the alleged thief, Burgess Brown, also known as “Bird Dog.”

The gasoline thefts stopped abruptly after Dixon says he caught Brown red-handed during a mid-evening theft attempt. A car chase ensued, though Dixon peeled off due to dangerous speeds in a residential area. Ironically enough Brown, who has an extensive case history for theft, possession, burglary and vehicle violations, was arrested several years ago for stealing gas from Dixon’s trucks.

The conversation began after Dixon announced on his SewCreative Upholstery page that the truck he had previously spotted Brown driving, both on video surveillance and in person, was now painted in black primer. The truck was previously blue and black.

About two hours later Brown responded to the post.

“Truck got sold and moved,” Brown posted. “Good luck with ur business, ask me u put me n prison 4 nothing. Helpin u out. U got what u had commn. I’m done with u and that place. Move on guy.”

“Helping me out?” Dixon responded. “How was that? I got what I had coming? I guess that’s what I get for trying to be a law-abiding tax-paying citizen… you need to get off the meth! The best thing you could do is turn yourself in! As you can see this video (of the theft) has gone viral and hundreds of my friends, acquaintances and customers are looking for you, and many are quite angry and not very nice…”

Dixon’s story, which was broken by, has since been reported by several Sacramento television news stations. Brown claimed innocence during his Facebook conversation.

“The first time i got n trouble their,” Brown said. “i cought 3 people running out of their got ur gas back and i called cops but seeing my record and who i am i got n trouble 4 it. lost my job my truck my girl. 4 helpn u thats what i said. so we done now? want me send u100.00 we call it good? cause im sure u have insuernce rite? I don’t use meth lol. smoke hella weed thow. i own my own buissness just like u.”

Brown went on to say that he is now living in Portland, Maine. He also told Dixon, “not hiden cause u know what ur just maken things worse 4 yrself. me dosent matter. but u lol u have lotts dont u?”

Dixon disagreed with Brown's version of events, and responded back once again.

“Everything I have I worked for and paid for with honest hard work! I don't take it lightly being ripped off by lowlife scumbags like you (Bird Dog) Burgess Brown!”

Dixon says he has received legitimate information Brown is not in Maine. Dixon says Brown is living in Hilmar on Griffith Road, just south of Delhi.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    He basically showed he was lien cause how else would Dixon know burglarss changed trucks

  2. Chris says:

    All this really shows is how ignorant these people appear and how the school system failed them. On the other hand, its hard to blame the school system when you read these guy comments. Stephanie doesn’t seem much brighter. Perhaps I’m just “lien.”

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