Auto Thief Nabbed

Courtesy of StanCATT|

Kevin Holt, 33, was arrested Monday night for auto theft, possession of a stolen vehicle, residential burglary, resisting arrest and hit and run.

StanCATT, the Stanislaus County Auto Theft Task Force, reports that Holt had stolen a vehicle from a dairy in the rural area of Turlock. StanCATT is a proactive auto theft investigative unit consisting of undercover detectives from the California Highway Patrol, Modesto, Ceres and the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office.

No other information was provided regarding Holt’s arrest.

StanCATT reminds citizens that auto thieves work all hours of the day and night and to report suspicious activity to local police. Suspicious activities include vehicles driving at night without lights on, vehicles driving through an area several times, vehicles which are not known to the area, people who are consistently driving different vehicles and persons looking into parked vehicles.

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  1. take a lap, champ says:

    I think this guy was in my junior high school PE class

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