MedicAlert, Local Foundation Team Up to Protect Autistic Children


Days after a 7-year-old autistic Hilmar child, Isaac Sprague, went missing and was later found, the MedicAlert Foundation and the Carlos Vieira Foundation are teaming up to help protect local autistic children by providing advanced MedicAlert IDs with a GPS tracking device, along with a MedicAlert membership that includes 24/7 emergency response support.

Unfortunately children with autism commonly wander away from their families. One of the primary concerns parents of children with autism have is wandering. Half of all autistic children wander and more than one-third of those children are unable to communicate their name, address or phone number.

The new program to put GPS MedicAlert IDs in the hands of local autistic youth is funded by the Carlos Vieira Foundation. The IDs are available to children with autism whose families are facing financial hardship and live in Stanislaus, Merced, Mariposa, Tuolumne, or Madera counties.

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with the Carlos Vieira Foundation in creating this critical grant for children impacted by autism,” said Karen Lamoree, COO of MedicAlert Foundation. “This grant was designed to ensure more children with autism have an opportunity to receive MedicAlert’s lifesaving services and products.”

The MedicAlert ID is about the size of a domino chip and allows parents to “Always Know” the location of children who may tend to wander. The tracking device can be attached to backpack, worn around a necklace, clipped onto a belt, or placed inside a pocket. Plus, with the added feature of the “Safety Circle”, parents can draw boundaries around multiple addresses and receive text and/or email alerts when their child moves outside the perimeter, while still tracking their movements.

“We are pleased to partner with MedicAlert Foundation,” said Carlos Vieira, President of the Carlos Vieira Foundation. “With this partnership, we are able to reach more families in need of 24/7 support for the ultimate protection of their children with autism.”

To learn more about the grant, including the complete list of offerings, eligibility requirements, and how to apply, visit


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