Family of Slain Turlocker Collecting Signatures for Justice


It has now been more than five months since Brandon Pacheco, 25, was shot and killed by homeowner Robin Boyer, 58, on July 23 of last year.

Charges have yet to be filed in the controversial shooting, which sparked local debate about property rights and the defense of property. Pacheco's family has begun collecting signatures imploring the Stanislaus County District Attorney's Office to move forward with legal action.

Pacheco was allegedly trespassing on Boyer's property prior to being shot, and had previously stolen items from Boyer. But Pacheco's sister, Shannon Pacheco, says Brandon Pacheco was shot in the back of the head as he was running away from Boyer, on a property next to Boyer's.

Brandon Pacheco's extensive family says that they have steadily grown impatient and frustrated with the legal process to arrest Boyer and charge him with murder.

“I hate this I would never wish this on anyone. I actually don’t even want his family to hurt this way but he did this he needs to pay for the choice he made, my brother paid with his life for his choices, this man needs to go to jail,” Shannon Pacheco said.

Turlock Police Department Detective Brandon Bertram, who is handling the investigation, says TPD is waiting on further evidence and reports from the Department of Justice. Bertram would not comment as to what kind of evidence they are waiting for, because the information would possibly allow Boyer to make adjustments to his defense strategy.

Shannon Pacheco launched a petition drive at on Sunday, entitled “Stanislaus District Attorney: Get Justice for Brandon Pacheco.”

“Brandon Pacheco was brutally shot at twice with a shotgun and murdered by Robin Boyer while running away from his property on Diane Dr. In Turlock California on July 23, 2013,” the petition reads. “Lets help his family get the closure and justice they deserve. Robin Boyer took the law into his own hands and is absolutely not a responsible gun owner! This man needs to pay for the choice he made to take Brandons life!!”

The petition can be found at More than 50 people signed the petition within the first 24 hours. As of this article posting, 279 people have joined the cause.

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  1. john says:
    I would have done the same... reading from Brandon's fb kid had problems and sounded like trouble.. and his sister pretty much said he got what he had coming. Home owner wasin the right!! I had a family member that was shot for robbery . Love the guy but he made the choice to break the law.
  2. Girl says:
    controversial? yes. but i would have done the same. the guy should not have been robbing people to begin with
  3. LawAbidingCitizen says:
    Having personally known Brandon Pacheco ( we grew up together ), I am well-aware of what type of disgusting filth he was. A drug addict, a thief, and Robin Boyer did Turlock a favor by blowing his head off!! I'm not saying you should go around shooting filthy tweakers, but this tweaker had it coming.
    That is the risk you take when you go on to other people's properties and steal their livelihood.... I am so grateful to the District Attorney's office for treating this petition as what it is, a low-life family trying to extort money from citizens to pay for more meth!
  4. Heather Pacheco says:
    (*edited by tcn) all u worthless as people talking (*edited by tcn), if u knew what it was like to loose a brother or family member like the way he was tookin from all of us then u could talk all the (*edited by tcn) u want but until then get a (*edited by tcn) life there more things in life and in a day to do then spend ur time talking (*edited by tcn) about my brother... He was a very good person so to all those who say they knew him guess u didnt know my brother that good... N to the GUEst that put u grew up with my brother u wanna talk (*edited by tcn) and waste ur time then if u think u have the balls to right a nasty comment like u did then why not have the balls to put who ur (*edited by tcn) is... And just for all u that read this I don't have any interest in agreeing with stupid that have no clue what the (*edited by tcn) there talkin about and have no clue what the feeling is like to not have someone so special to as anymore so I'm pretty sure u lames r gonna love commenting back but I won't BE..
    One time to let all u lames know to get a (*edited by tcn) LIFE.
    I know I won't be a GUEST..
    Love u brother,
    Love ur sister Heather Pacheco
  5. Sondra says:
    This is about Robin Boyer murdering Brandon Pacheco in cold blood! Robin Boyer had no right to shoot and kill Brandon Pacheco. No one can shoot someone in the back of the head and not eventually be charged with murder! What part do some people not understand? A murderer (Robin Boyer) is free (just for the time being)- Robin Boyer shot an unarmed Brandon Pacheco in someone else's field. No stolen property was found on him! Since when can we just chase an unarmed man down and shoot them in the back of the head?
  6. LawAbidingCitizen says:
    In response to your post, Heather, it can clearly be seen that you are of a lower social caste than I... Therefore, I have "(*edited by tcn)" worth stealing, and considering Brandon's sister was involved in a drive-by shooting (perpetrated by an older family friend as she drove the vehicle) around the time he died OF COURSE I CANNOT POST MY NAME. I wouldn't want this these filthy low-class animals shooting up my home or robbing my businesses for telling the truth. Learn some grammar, learn some spelling, and maybe you'll be lucky enough to actually garner some respect for the poor dead thief.
  7. Jolee Brandon's Sister says:
    Lawabidingcitizen boy you know my family so well! If you know my family so well then you would have know the man my sister was with was not by any means a friend of our family! Secondly you can assume all you want about our family you obviously have no class attacking a family that lost a loved one! You cannot base Brandon or Linzeys actions on our whole family. None of us 'condone' the actions of our siblings but we love them unconditionally and will stand by them 100%. You only know what you have read. You have nothing better to do in life but bash a family and that's horribly sad. All I am going to say to you is soon very very soon you will eat your words and once you do I will pray for you!! Have a wonderful and blessed day!!
  8. Let Justice Run It's Course says:
    In all due respect, I don't understand why the Pacheco will not let the justice system do its job and if the DA decides to file charges, than that will happen. Pacheco was in the act of breaking the law. Sort of like council member Bublak, her husband Milt Richards and Mark Hall. Did Mark Hall give money to shorty Nascimento? Who else gave money to both candidates, I bet there's more to what's going on than we know about.
  9. guest says:
    We have to have the right to protect our property and our families. People, when they choose to commit a crime, must always understand the risk. As a person who has been a victim of senseless crime..even with a positive I'D and name, no arrests have been made. So these criminals walk away laughing. Maybe with just a little fear that they don't know what might be coming their way will cause them to make a better choice.
  10. Funny says:
    It could have been avoided Seth Franco if Branden wasn't there stealing!!! He is dead because of his own bad decisions. And to the family, make sure you let people know what a druggie and thief he was before you have them sign a petition. Do not deceive people by leading them to think he was a poor victim. Another thing, if you don't like people's comments don't read them, truth hurts.
  11. stupid is as stupid does says:
    To the family of Brandon it is very difficult losing a loved one i would know,and its understandable you want justice to fill hole now in your hearts,however slandering a man who was merely protecting his family will get you nowhere. The only way to heal is through time and from my opinion Rob did nothing wrong, you do not know this man nor his family and are wrong doing by speaking ill of him and his family, maybe it makes you feel better at the time portraying him as some angry monster, but in time you will see your expectations for justice are just going to make your loss bigger. Instead of focusing your time on trying to bring another family down in your time of loss, you should be focusing on healing yourselves and betting yourselves through your loss and because of it. I pray you stop posting negative comments to those you don't agree with on here because you're only making yourselves look bad and uneducated at that...
  12. Sad but true says:
    More people were concerned about the missing dog than signing this petition, goes to show how many people are on Boyer's side than the Pacheco's.
  13. dog vs. petition says:
    "Sad but true" "more worried about a missing dog than signing a petition" Truth is yes! An innocent woman lost her life, as man lays in a hospital-because a wreckless driver with a rap sheet decided to get behind a wheel of a car and struck them as they walked their dog who was not only injured but traumatized by the situation. How dare you make any comparison to those situations. You ask people to have a heart for someone who wasn't so innocent-when with that comment shows how heartless you really are. Good luck with that petition.
  14. TWB says:
    To all you punks running your mouth about the Pacheco family, "Grow the F!!K Up!" They are good people! Brandon worked for me for a while, he was a very polite kid, and would shy from conflict! Yes I agree he had some addictions, and shouldn't of been on someone else's property. I don't believe he made Boyles fear for his life, and as a "Pro Gun" advocate that's where Boyles crossed the line! If cops where that loose with there gun control, there would be "back of the head" shots in every town, every day! But cops are highly trained to make that judgement in a split second! If they let Boyles get away with this, then lets go back to the "Wild West" days, everyone with a gun on there hip, waiting for a situation to arise. So to all you "High Class" "Well Educated" peucks, flex at the keyboard, cause that's the only way you'll ever feel tough, "Hiding behind a computer" F!!K YOU PUNKS! Low life's, talking to this family like that! Where I come from, you should get punched straight in your face! Cowards!

    R.I.P. Brandon (Doobie)

    Condulences Pacheco Family
  15. Really says:
    Yeah, you're talking out your @ss TWB. A burglar got killed because he endeavored to steal from someone. It hard to be sympathetic. You're talking all hard but you didn't print your name either. You're a C-O-W-A-R-D.
  16. corporate says:
    It is true, when someone breaks into your home and is threatening your life you can take those types of measures. However Brandon was shot in the back of the head, found dead in the field over. There is ZERO evidence that suggests Mr. Boyers life was in dangers, ZERO weapons found on Brandon NOT even any stolen items on him. Subjectively he mowed this kid down as he was running away.

    The very first police report said boyer told them that he had seen Brandon on his property before and once seeing him out the window grabbed his shot gun, that is premeditated, he could of called the cops and Brandon would of continued to steal having no clue he was even spotted. His family cant possibly think this scum is going to get away. Where is the evidence? Pictures of him in the other persons field with NO stolen items or weapons? It seems like the amateur turlock Police didn't really gather ANYTHING or he would be in jail already.
  17. lol says:
    Uhh I use to do tons of drugs with that Boyer guys daughter when I was a teenager...Is that family kidding
  18. God Bless You says:
    To everyone. God Bless Brandon may he rest in peace. There is no reason for anyone to belittle anyone. Let the police do their investigation and everything will fall in place. I'm a firm believer if you steal from someone you need to pay the price and unfortunately this is what was in store for Brandon. It is my understanding that Brandon had addictions and to his family look at it this way. He is no longer addicted he is not hungry or cold does not have to steal to feed his addiction he is done. Let him fly in peace no one has to drag him through the mud. I didn't know Brandon or his family or Robs family. Justice will prevail. Everyone live in peace with yourselves and continue pray for Brandon or yourself.
  19. Sondra says:
    How dare any of you judge Brandon! He was NOT breaking into Boyer's house nor was he even on Boyer's property. Brandon was brutally murdered by Robin Boyer!! There was no imminent danger to Robin Boyer, he Chose to shoot and kill Brandon. Brandon was unarmed and was found with no stolen property. Boyer claimed Brandon was a druggie and homeless in an effort to avoid being arrested.
    So let's get to the root of the problem. The Turlock Police Detective Brandon Bertram who has Failed to turn the case over to the DA's office. So let's look for where the corruption is in the Turlock Police Department! Is it a coincidence that Boyer has been best friends with a former chief of police in Turlock? How deep do the friendships and the good 'old boys network run? Obviously deep enough to try and get a cold blooded murderer off!!
  20. Missi says:
    Brandon was an innocent victim. He was shot and killed while riding his dirt bike in a field next to Boyer's property. It is AGAINST the law to shoot and kill an unarmed man in the back of the head. Boyer is a piece of ***t coward! With a shotgun Boyer shot at Brandon-racked another round and shot again-killing Brandon instantly. There were no marks on Boyer-there was no physical altercation.
    Also if Boyer claims there had been tresspassing on his property before why did he never file a police report? Boyer is obviously an angry man with numerous weapons still at his home.
    If people want to start judging then how about we judge the shooter, Boyer. His son in law Levi Azevedo has a huge rap sheet and list of offenses-just look him up on Stanislaus county case index. And while you are at it look up his son Chri Boyer's DUI case. They are all scarier than an unarmed man riding a dirt bike in a sweet potato field!
  21. lol says:
    Lol yea ppl have their stories backwards. Boyers daughter 'gangbang' shelly is a complete druggy. She needs to go shoot up some more black tar. You ppl talk so badly aboit brandon an his family but has anyone looked into boyers family. His daighter is a horrible person an so is her husband. They both are on drugs an i dont mean pot. I mean heroin an drugs like that! I guess they would be considered tweakers an junkies ... just like brandon.. so everyone can just remember when your calling brandon a druggy an judging his family remember to judge anname call boyers trashy kids as well.. thank you. Have a great day..
  22. lol says:
    Mr boyer was a greiving man. Burried his dad the morning before he murdered brandon. Sound like a wacky old coot if you ask me!! An his family! Smh! Do your damn research people! His family is trash an full of drug addicts! There is no room whatsoever to jugde the other family involved when the boyers have.some skeletons in their closet as well... like the daughter.... to whoever commented about her drug use i will simply AGREE.. its a small world an she should look in the mirror before she jidges others.
  23. LO says:
    Do people not understand that BRANDONS BODY WAS IN THE NEXT FIELD OVER.
    The second he stepped off Boyers property all rights to shoot him were gone. He should of been arrested on the spot. Robin Boyer chased him into the next field and shot him in the back of the head. No stolen items were found on him and no weapons...So how is he not in jail? He murdered someone on someone elses property and there was NO evidence on Pachecos body to support boyers claims. He shot an unarmed kid who was running from his property and now the turlock Police wont do anything about it.

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