CSU Stanislaus Nabs Alleged Burglar

Courtesy of CSU Stanislaus|

The California State University Stanislaus Police Department has arrested alleged serial burglar Scott Tackett, 22, who is accused of breaking into three CSU Stanislaus offices to steal computers and technology equipment.

According to CSU Stanislaus Associate Vice President of Public Affairs David Tonelli, Tackett is currently in Stanislaus County Jail and the case is being reviewed by the District Attorney’s Office.

University police received a tip from a non-university member of the public about Tackett’s possible whereabouts. Officers conducted surveillance of that area, where Tackett eventually arrived and was arrested. He was not in possession of any stolen property at the time of his arrest.

Between New Year’s Eve and Jan. 6, Tackett was caught on CSU Stanislaus video surveillance entering offices in Demergasso-Bava Hall, the University Student Union, and the campus library.

Tackett has prior arrests for DUI, several burglaries, receiving stolen property, resisting arrest and numerous moving vehicle violations including driving with a suspended license.

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  1. s says:

    Why is the Turlock Police Department not releasing daily accurate incident reports on their site or to the press. Up to date detailed reports need to be published. We have had the same hooded African American confronting neighbors in the area of Berry Dr and Hampton Way at all times of the day and night, what is going on?? Was he arrested last week while he was on my 84 year old neighbors front porch at 4:30 a.m last week or did you just take him for a ride and release him??

  2. oodi says:

    To Guest (s): TPD does post this info on their site. You can either search the calls for service by street, or the daily activity log gives “highlights” for the day. If you are having issues with a suspicious person hanging around your neighborhood, I strongly suggest that you and your neighbors call the police every time he is seen in the area.

  3. S says:

    Thank you for the info oodi, I am aware of the T.P.D. site but they are both vague and inconsistent.
    They also do not report all incidents such as four squad cars that descended in the 1300 block of Berry Drive late one night last month. They told my neighbor that they were chasing a suspect and he was in their back yard. The individual was taken away in an ambulance. Nothing on the T.P.D. site or local news sources.
    It appears to me that we are receiving selective news releases.

  4. sickofit says:

    He is no longer in jail….after all the hours hunting him down he is out running the streets yet again. most likely plotting his next move. Good luck finding him again since hes posted bail and is homeless…. lock your cars, your homes and the school buildings. Just thought you all should know

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