Hit-and-Run Victims’ Dog Found


A dog missing since its owners were the victims of a hit-and-run accident was found safe and in fine physical condition this morning at the couple’s home in Turlock.

Elizabeth “Biffy” Mancha and Dave McThorn, were walking the dog, Dolly, when they were hit by a white car Thursday night at Summerfaire Park . Mancha, 46, was killed by the impact, and McThorn remains in the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuires.

A neighbor found the dog at the couple’s home with a slight limp in one leg and visibly emotionally shaken. Dolly had evidently found her way home after being missing for five days.

Mancha’s close friend and co-worker Stephannie Sandoval explained Dolly’s status.

“You can tell she’s very worried and she is affected by what happened. Her little face is so worried,” said Sandoval.

Sandoval said that McThorn has been asking about the dog every day from his hospital bed.

“At least Dolly coming home is some sort of happiness out of this terrible situation. It’s been five days and here at the office (where Mancha worked, Kirby Manufacturing in Merced) we believe Elizabeth showed her the way home. Elizabeth rescued her when she was a puppy,” explained Sandoval.

“Dave loves animals and he loves that dog. He is sitting in the hospital knowing that he’s lost his wife and that dog is all he has left,” said friend Robert Mitchell.

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  1. cheffy says:

    I cried when I saw this… I have been walking their neighborhood with my dogs hoping to find her. So glad she can be home now.

  2. Grateful says:

    Thank you for posting that Dolly is home safely. Have been worrying about her, and for her “dad”. They’ll have each other to help them through this difficult time.

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