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Monte Vista Crossings Expansion Breaking Ground Feb. 15, Businesses Revealed


Hall Equities Group will break ground Feb. 15 on a massive expansion of Monte Vista Crossings containing 13 new businesses and a restaurant, according to an e-mail obtained exclusively by TurlockCityNews.com.

The long-awaited 108,907 square-foot expansion constitutes Phase II of Monte Vista Crossings. It will be constructed just south of Kohl's and The Olive Garden, in the square of land bordered by Highway 99, Countryside Drive, and Tuolumne Road.

Seven businesses have already committed to the expansion:

• Dick's Sporting Goods, anchoring the development at 45,690 square feet. Dick's is one of the nation's largest sporting goods chains, operating more than 500 stores nationwide; their nearest store is in Modesto.
• Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, the second-largest store in the expansion at 18,000 square-feet. The massive fabric and craft chain's nearest locations are in Modesto and Merced.
• Tilly's, a leading surf, skate and motocross apparel store. The 8,000 square-foot store will be Tilly's only location between Modesto and Merced.
• Kirkland's, a seller of home décor, wall décor, furniture, and unique gifts. The 7,007 square-foot store will be Kirkland's only store north of Clovis in the Central Valley; the nearest Kirkland's is in Gilroy.
• Maurice's, a fashionable women's clothing retailer. The store will take a 5,000 square-foot space, its only location between Manteca and Clovis.
• Justice and Brothers, a clothing store for tween girls and boys. The store will take a 4,200 square-foot space, its second in the county; Justice has a Riverbank location as well.
• Sprint, one of America's four major cellphone providers. Sprint does not currently have a factory-owned store in Turlock; the nearest such store is in Modesto. Sprint will inhabit a 2,200 square-foot space.

The remaining spaces are still available for lease, according to the sales brochure. Those spaces range from up to 15,000 square feet in size, and one restaurant pad has a drive-through opportunity.

But a number of factors make Turlock appealing to potential businesses, according to a sales brochure included in the e-mail, meaning those spaces could be leased soon.

Monte Vista Crossings serves more than 300,000 people, not counting Modesto or Merced. And Turlock itself is a fast-growing community, expanding from just 13,992 residents in 1970 to more than 70,000 today. The nearby California State University, Stanislaus is also noted as a boon – 8,300 students regularly drive past Monte Vista Crossings.

It has all added up to make Monte Vista Crossings a rousing success, the sales brochure says.

“With over 1.1 million square feet of retail space and 98.8 percent occupancy under its banner, Monte Vista Crossings has become one of the region’s top retail destinations and is one of the largest open air shopping centers on the West Coast,” Monte Vista Crossings writes in its sales brochure.

TurlockCityNews.com will provide more information about Monte Vista Crossings' expansion as it becomes available.

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  1. Ryan Ashoury says:

    Great News

  2. Richard says:

    Looking forward to the new stores. The article mentioned that there would be a restaurant, but did not say which one would be locating in the center. Is it still just a hope or has someone actually committed?

  3. Big money says:

    This is Amy Bublak’s big campaign donor that is making Turlock better!!! Now what do all of you democrats like mayor John Lazar and Mary Jackson have to say? Try saying thank you Amy. The Turlock Chamber of Commerce has even been attacking Bublak to side with the mayor who doesn’t do anything for Turlock.

    Bublak for mayor 2014!!! We need jobs!

  4. Sellout says:

    Did David Fransen sell his soul to Bublak? This website doesn’t have the story on the robo calls Bublak and Vander Weide attacked Mary Jackson with in 2008 but it breaks the news for Bublak’s major donor. I think we all know what it is really going on in this town.

  5. Swansong says:

    Question, will this website ever give readers any information about the illegal robo-call case, we would like to know who makes those decisions? I’m sure it’s not Alex he has a brain, maybe fransen needs to go to Oz and find a brain and a heart. Secondly, didn’t Bublak insist council members take a “special” oath, can she lose her badge if found guilty by the court? What is going to happen next? Alex please do a story or at least can fransen explain why he won’t do one?

  6. Chris says:

    Yes, Thank you Amy Bublak for bringing these new stores to Turlock. Thank you for getting Mary Jackson out of Turlock council. I love Dicks Sporting good and think it will be good for Turlock. Let’s just get these roads fixed.

  7. greenacres says:

    Yes, thank you to Amy Bublack indeed. And please don’t compare
    Mary Jackson with anybody in government or City Council because she’s her own wheelbarrow full of crazy. She is / was the most ineffective, incompetent, unqualified and the worst kind of representative for this town and community. She is a liar, a gossip, and basically cannot conduct herself in a professional or reasonable manner. And even if those robo calls did take place, that was over 5 years ago –please move on and let the people who are in government focus on their jobs. She knows she’s washed up and doesn’t have anything else to do with her time other than play the blame game. And by the way, not all Democrats like or support her! She has blemished this town and her reputation.

  8. t says:

    I would vote for Richard Sherman also known as Dick Sherman for mayor before Boo-black or Lazar.

  9. Who Runs This Site? says:

    To whomever runs or edits the posts on this website, you have no idea of the administrative legal process (nor do you readers) and you might want to consult an attorney on what the website/blog posts definition is for slander and defamation of character. A sitting council member is accused by a state agency of committing illegal campaign phone calls and of trying to hide who paid for and made the phone calls. Ms. Jackson is no longer a “public figure”, you better watch yourself. I’m sure one if not several attorneys have contacted her about your slanderish posts. Watch yourself and consult an attorney, Bublak obviously has.

  10. Dick says:

    I don’t think calling Mary Jackson “Crazy” would constitute slanderous. An attorney would have to prove that she is not crazy and that would be very difficult to do.

  11. greenacres says:

    Hey SELLOUT, have you ever heard of SEARCH (at the top of this page)? If you type in ROBOCALLS there are SEVERAL articles this site has posted over the YEARS–since 2008 to be exact. “I think we know what is really going on in this town.” Uh, yeah, there is a public nuisance in this town with the initials MJ and as long as she keeps fanning the flames with the robocalls and attaching herself to organizations, non-profits and other public forums in order to keep her name front and center for the next election then she has to be ready to take the scrutiny…and as for WHO RUNS THIS SITE? I’m quite certain that lawyers are NOT sitting around reading this site trying to pick up crumbs about a delusional has-been and waiting to weave them into a precedent-setting lawsuit. And by the way, the word is slanderous, not “slanderish”.

  12. Oliver Wendell Douglas says:

    Well said. MJ is CRAZY!! Maybe we should have casted her for our show as Sam Drucker’s wife. It would have been perfect. In fact, Mary “Nut Job” Jackson could have made millions $$$

  13. cant wait says:

    my family can’t wait for dick’s but we already go to modesto now this will be good for turlock

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