Turlock Police Bust Mom for Heroin Sales; Children in Protective Custody

Courtesy of Turlock Police Department|

A Turlock woman living near Wakefield Elementary School was arrested for allegedly selling heroin from a house where she lived with six young children.

Yesterday's arrest of Diana Servin, 30, for possession of heroin for sales and felony child endangerment, followed the service of a search warrant in the 400 block of Bernell Avenue. The home in question is just across the street from Wakefield Elementary School in Turlock.

Turlock Police Spokesman Sgt. Stephen Webb reports that detectives found evidence of drugs sales and seized about 14 grams of heroin. They also found six children between the ages of 1 to 10 years old living in the home.

Police say the living conditions were unsuitable and dangerous for the children. The children were later were taken into protective custody by Child Protective Services.

Servin has faced previous charges including resisting arrest, battery of a peace officer, possession of marijuana, petty theft, possession of marijuana for sale, driving under the influence and a number of other driving-related offenses.

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  1. sick says:

    What a POS!!!

  2. Sounds like a real winner! says:

    Remember Turlockians, when you give a panhandling hobo money, this woman is who he brings it to so he can get his next vein full of junk. If you gave money to bums, you helped create this problem! Congrats!

  3. TarzanandDiana ha says:

    She drives a big white van and has two helpless homeless people sell all day for hardly nada. Bunk h and she’s a (*edited by tcn)/cop caller herself. Her old man lays up wit bag hos all day instead of her. Wat goes around comes around. Poor babies tho wat a slob

  4. Concerned says:

    Any updates? Btw @tarzananddiana you sound like a jealous bitter has been am I correct ? I thought so.

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