Weekly Lowlights From the Turlock Police Log


This week’s lowlights kick off with an episode of major paranoia.

At 10:18 a.m. Jan. 15, 46-year-old Major Richardson was arrested and booked for being under the influence of drugs. Turlock police say he was reported as acting “paranoid and saying someone was trying to kill him.”

Police never determined who was trying to kill Richardson. Speculation suggests it was a CIA sanctioned sniper sent to destroy him for his valuable secrets directly tied to national security. Some believe it was the legendary Hollywood-created murderer Jason, or perhaps even Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Later that day at Kohl’s Nicholas Bryan, 32, tried to make a run for it after store security caught him stealing merchandise. Bryan was ultimately apprehended and issued a citation for petty theft just before 2 p.m. Maybe he was picking up some lingerie for his girlfriend – that is if he has one, of course.

Just after 8 p.m. Shamoon Sava, 40, proved that some things just aren’t worth waving your stick at. Turlock police arrested Sava after he allegedly approached victims while holding some sort of stick and telling the victims he was going to kill them. The victims were not injured because all Sava did was wave his stick.

Officers arrested Sava for felony criminal threats and, as luck would have it, he was in possession of methamphetamine. In the future Sava should probably wave his stick at meth.

On Jan. 17 a couple of fine upstanding citizens were rolling around town strapped to the nine – nine millimeter, that is. Joga Shergill, 50 was pulled over by police near Fulkerth Road and Highway 99 at around 3 p.m. Of course he happened to be rolling with a concealed weapon and stolen property. Just 45 minutes later police discovered Michael Francis, 28, in the 900 block of Kenwood Avenue. He just happened to be rolling, well actually probably walking, with his strap. He was arrested for possession of a concealed weapon.

This next lowlight sounds like it could have turned ugly. Fortunately Turlock police intercepted Aldo Gutierrez, 30, Samuel Nunez, 24 and Claudia Felix, 21 for possession of a loaded firearm. Police nabbed the trio of productive young citizens following a fight where the other subjects involved fled the scene. Police were flagged down regarding the subjects with their guns.

On Jan 21, one person learned the hard way that when police are arresting your buddy, maybe you should just let it go. Jose Jaime Ramierez-Barjas, 23, was arrested for possession of a concealed firearm and, of course, parole violation after a suspicious person call. His pal Jose Morfin, also 23, decided to stand up for his friend. He was arrested for interfering with Turlock police during Barjas’ arrest. Good call Morfin.

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  1. Rachelle says:
    I am not quite sure why you would think it's okay to completely mock a mentally ill person. If you have ever had to deal with someone suffering from a mental illness, you might be a little bit more kind. I am sure you think it's funny that Mr. Richardson was acting "paranoid and saying someone was trying to kill him". I don't find your mockery the least bit amusing. As a news outlet, you may want to keep your stories a little more professional.
  2. RW Addison says:
    Rachelle, have you read these comments which are supposedly "reviewed"? I'd like to know by who, obviously it's someone who doesn't have a HS diploma or a college degree, maybe even taken a college class, the comments are the lowlifes of Turlock, not to mention, most are done "anonymously" which means there's probably a dozen fools on this website, posting comments all day, Linda Taylor, at least puts her name on what she writes.
  3. Glenn says:
    LowLights, don't you dare ever change a thing. Yours is the most succinct, honest, straight up news outlet I've ever come across and I love your humorous comments. Rachelle, please dial back your sensitivity a bit. No one is making fun of anyone, or anything., Oh, wait a minute, yes we are. Lighten up and get over it. A little laughter and levity is actually good for you. (I am in no way prejudiced for or against anyone or anything, so please don't spam here. I even laugh at myself, sometimes.)
  4. guest says:
    Rachelle, that guy was a tweaker. Get over it.
  5. Well... says:
    Since tweeking and criminal behavior is encouraged in the area, we kind of need a good shaming tool and a name list for who to avoid around town. These crime reports provide that service.

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