Around Turlock – January 27

Kailey Fisicaro|

Warm weather greeted California State University, Stanislaus students as they returned to school Monday, the first day of the Spring 2014 semester.

Students were also greeted with lengthy class wait lists however, with no promise of being accepted into needed classes. Budget cuts will be hitting CSU Stanislaus hard again this year, as the university will be fined for any over-enrollment. Professors have been instructed to keep class sizes at their printed limit, leaving some students without the classes they had hoped for.

The university offers a Winter intercession for students, but many students can take those classes online instead of trudging to school during December and January. Others do not enroll in the Winter intercession, allowing a 5 week respite for the the parking lot which is now full again. Some parking overcrowding was relieved last Fall when the reconstruction of Parking Lot 2 was completed.

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