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Around Turlock – January 29

Alex Cantatore|

It's been a dry, dry year in Turlock, and some farmers have begun to pray for rain.

A group of concerned farmers waved signs reading “Pray for Rain” at a Turlock Irrigation District meeting Wednesday night, held to discuss the upcoming irrigation season. Other farmers sold the signs outside, for display in yards and orchards.

The signs bear the bible verse 1 Thessalonians 5:17, reading "Pray without ceasing."

The entire month of January was dry in Turlock, until Thursday morning came around. Just .27 inches of precipitation fell Thursday, according to TID.

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  1. rain dance! says:

    Time for some rainmaking rituals… Lets get the Native American rain dance going.

  2. Chief Middle Finger says:

    You white people stoled all our land, put us in reservations, and now you want to use our “Rain Dance”! All you farmers care about is your pocket book, it’s funny the board room sits empty all year, but as soon as it hits your bottom dollar the room is filled up. Maybe you should be in that Boardroom every Tuesday, and Church every Sunday? Instead of just when your worried about your money! Maybe if you where in the Boardroom last year, maybe you would know they where spilling 60,000 acre feet a month during last season? We the people all need to do our part to conserve all gods resources! GREED does horrible things! Example: Price of Almonds sky rocketed! So everybody is putting in trees, even the foothills are being developed into almond orchards! Which means more water is needed to feed more crops that are being put in for pure greed of profit! When is enough enough? Why can’t Americans make enough money to support there families? Instead of I can’t ever have enough? You deplete our resources for your Greed, then try to turn to god to fix it? Check you souls! Now you turn to the Native Indians Rituals? who where dealt the worst hand by the American Greed! If your a farmer making a nice honest hardworking living supporting your family, may god bless you! If your a greedy farmer, farming way more than is needed for a good honest life, shame on you! ( He with the most hay in his barn ) still dies!

  3. Big Fork says:

    Dear “Chief Middle Finger”,
    Shut Up. You greedy Redskins now have all the casino $$$ for doing no work. Go back in your TeePees and count all the coin you have. Us farmers are feeding the world and risking it all, while you sit on your red butt and get drunk.

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