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CSU Stanislaus Community Science Day Coming on Saturday

David Fransen|

California State University, Stanislaus will hold its Third Annual Science Day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. Much like how the First Annual Science Day was held to showcase the Naraghi Hall of Science, this year's edition will showcase CSU Stanislaus’ new Science 1 Building.

“There’s displays, there’s activities for pretty much all age groups,” Mark Grobner, Professor and Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences, said. “It’s to tour the building, to show people what we have and it’s also just to get people excited about science.”

There will be a number of new events this year. Attendees have the option to extract their own DNA, make a cell model, visit the robotic nursing labs or pick up California wildflower seeds to bring along on a walk down the Trans-California Pathway. In addition, Jefferson the tortoise will be returning to Science Day, stationed on the front lawn of Naraghi Hall.

“We try to do a lot of hands-on materials because that’s what gets everyone excited,” explained Grobner.

Grobner emphasized that this is an outing for the whole family, saying that the vast number of exercises prove entertaining for all age groups.

In addition to the new exhibits, the Third Annual Science Day will have food available for purchase, provided by the campus’ caterer, Chartwells. Grobner stated they will be serving sandwiches for the lunch hour, to keep attendees energized.

The event is free and open to the public. Those attending can park in Lot 11, the lot outside Naraghi Hall, free of charge.

Departments in the College of Science will have information tables on the 2nd floor. For more information about Science Day, contact the Department of Biological Sciences at 209-667-3476.

The following activities will occur in the following rooms:
Science 1:
S207: Basic Body Functions: watch robotic patients go through their paces
S225a: Nutrition and Health: Learning nutrition: Digestion and healthy eating choices
S135: Crime Scene Investigation: Experience the investigation of a crime scene

Naraghi Hall of Science:
First Floor:
N101: Nature of Science: Scientific method, testing hypotheses
N104: Recreational Recycling: Learn fun ways to recycle
N111: Rocks and Minerals: Explore the stuff the earth is made of
N121: Mechanics: Have fun testing the laws of physics
N129: Planetarium: Take a journey and explore the universe
N130: Light waves: Explore the amazing properties of light

Second Floor:
N206: Animal Adaptation: View various vertebrate specimens
N210: 6- and 8-legged zoo: Various arthropods living and preserved
N211: Herpetophilia: Amphibians and reptiles
N221: Tissues and Cells: View cells and tissues using the microscope
N223: Puzzles and Pi: Fun with math
N224: Body parts: View anatomy models and specimens
N229: Cell Models and DNA: Extract your own DNA and build a cell model
N230: Kid’s activities: Science coloring books

Third Floor:
Lobby: Kitchen Chemistry: Various hands-on activities using kitchen chemistry
N322: Who Done it? Chemical and physical property investigation
N325: Electric Orbs: explore the magic of static electricity
N334: Glowing Microbes: Explore glowing microorganisms— tickets required

Outdoor Activities:
Greenhouse: tour and potting your own plant
Trans-California Pathway: Tour of pathway. Don’t forget to grab your wildflower seeds
Front Lawn of Naraghi Hall: Visit Jefferson the tortoise
Balloons by Iris: Visit with Iris as she explains the physics of making balloon figures

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