New Subdivision Coming Near Monte Vista Crossings

Alex Cantatore|

Turlock could soon welcome its first new subdivision since the start of the Great Recession, near the site of a planned expansion of the Monte Vista Crossings shopping center.

Florsheim Homes has filed paperwork with the City of Turlock to start construction on a new, 107 unit subdivision at the corner of Countryside Drive and Tuolumne Road. The subdivision, which would be named Monte Verde, would be located just south of Home Depot, and across Countryside Drive from the upcoming Monte Vista Crossings Phase II expansion.

The pending development is another sign of a resurgent economy, said Turlock Deputy Director of Development Services Debbie Whitmore.

“We’re pretty excited to see the housing market start to come back,” said Whitmore.

The parcel has long been designated for low-density residential homes. Whitmore said the Monte Verde development will be on the high end of the city’s low-density residential scale, coming in at about six units per acre.

“They’ll be a little bit smaller (homes), but they’re still in that low-density residential range,” Whitmore said.

Florsheim Homes has constructed homes in the Central Valley for nearly 30 years. According to Florsheim’s website, the company specifically designs homes for the Valley, “priced right for the people who live here.”

In 1994, Florsheim Homes constructed the Portraits community in Turlock. The development’s compact two-story floor plan won the national Best in American Living award. Florsheim also built Turlock’s Rose Circle, Rose Cottages, and Rose Walk subdivisions in 2003.

Florsheim Homes did not return calls for further comment about the Monte Verde development.

The Turlock Planning Commission will consider approving the Monte Verde subdivision at their 6 p.m. March 6 meeting.

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  1. Guest says:
    Florsheim homes supposedly killed a man in delhi in the late 90's
  2. Bublak Conflict of Interest Queen says:
    Did anyone watch last night's council meeting? Shorty (nastimento) wants to stop council members from voting on special interests if they take more than 2K from an individual or business, does this include cop Bublak? Golly, so, if Shorty's idea passes, Bublak, Ms. self-professed ethics queen would NOT be able to vote on anything, the Turlock FireFighters, Mark Hall, big OUT OF TOWN developer, CSUS stuff, Rob Santos, Matt Swanson, just think she would be as useless, wait, we think she already is. Why is she not in jail for the robocalls and why hasn't Howze, Spycher and the Turlock Fire Fighters Union been brought into the charges? Not yet?
  3. Chief Middle Finger says:
    The Robocalls were made up my Mary Jackson. She started it all, just to bring attention to herself. Amy Bublak was not guilty of anything. This is the truth. Have you seen it in any of the news?
  4. t says:
    Hey gold finger, I guess you don't read the Modesto Bee.
  5. J says:
    Bublak is facing 13 counts of violating the political reform act. See FPPC documents Apparently cops don't have to follow the law like everyone else.

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