Planning Commission Concerned With Newspaper Trash


For years, Turlock’s driveways, streets and gutters have been clogged with unwanted newspapers.

Members of the Turlock Planning Commission have had enough, and are asking the City of Turlock to review the legality of what they perceive as citywide littering.

“It just doesn’t seem right,” said Planning Commission Chairman Mike Brem, waving a rolled-up newspaper. “It’s litter.”

The local newspaper throws copies of their free publication, known as an “extra,” in front of homes on Saturday mornings. The paper is delivered whether the resident requests it or not.

The indiscriminate distribution of the extra has led to a serious trash issue, Brem said.

Brem first brought up his concern with the newspaper litter during the commissioners comments period of Thursday’s Turlock Planning Commission meeting. Other commissioners quickly agreed with Brem, noting the abundance of newspapers littering the streets.

“They’re everywhere,” said Planning Commissioner Nick Hacker.

The newspaper oftentimes goes straight into the trash, commissioners said. It doesn’t make sense to litter city streets with unwanted newspapers, forcing community members to fill landfills or their recycling bins, Brem said.

“It just doesn’t make sense to me,” Brem said.

City staff said they would look into city codes to determine if Turlock can do anything about the perceived littering.

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  1. Alex says:

    at the very least they should porch them, 8 out 10 times i find mine just laying in the gutter. also i never read them. is there anyways you can sign me up for the do not throw list?

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