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Around Turlock – February 13


Gas stations are a dime a dozen in Turlock, but electric car charging stations?

This new electric car charging station, installed on the California State University, Stanislaus campus, is one of only a handful of such chargers in Turlock. Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital and Winton-Ireland Strom and Green Insurance Agency both have electric car charging stations as well, primarily to charge employees’ cars.

All-electric cars can travel between 68 and 208 miles before needing to recharge. Recharging can take from 30 minutes to 7 hours, depending on the vehicle and charger.

TurlockCityNews.com wants to know: Would you consider purchasing an electric car?

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  1. David says:

    There are a lot of “pros” and only a couple of “cons” for going electric. For me it was a no-brainer – I have three electric vehicles and will never go back to gas if I have a choice.

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