Around Turlock – February 15

Submitted by Turlock City Councilman Steven Nascimento|

A ducky new sign has been installed at Donnelly Park.

The bright yellow sign, located alongside Hawkeye Avenue between Donnelly Park Drive and Dels Lane, informs drivers to slow for the many ducks who make the park their home – and occasionally stray into the road.

The City of Turlock recently installed the sign, following a request from neighboring residents. The residents were concerned that motorists were not slowing for ducks as they crossed Hawkeye Avenue.

Now, hopefully Huey, Dewey, and Louie alike will be safe.

This Around Turlock photo was submitted by Turlock City Councilman Steven Nascimento.

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  1. firendfromlongago says:
    we will always miss you Braondon cookie
  2. Michael says:
    Ducks, you may now live in peace! Long live the duck!

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