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Bicycle Enthusiasts to Converge on Turlock

Courtesy of Rolling Relics|

In a normal year, Feb. 23 may not seem like an optimal time to go for a bike ride. But members of the Rolling Relics and associated bike clubs won’t let a little cold scare them out of a Turlock bike ride this Sunday.

Rolling Relics, a Stockton-based group of cycling enthusiasts, has been organizing monthly bike rides in various cities for over two years. This month, the good people of Turlock will have an opportunity to experience riding with a large, diverse group of bike enthusiasts.

“We are just a bunch of people who love to ride bicycles,” said Chris Montoya, co-founder of Rolling Relics. “Any type of bike is welcome to ride with us.”

Though the rides started with just three cyclists, Rolling Relic’s monthly meets now average 60 riders. The average ride covers 15 miles at a leisurely pace with three stops – including one for lunch, and one at a park along so restless kids can get off of their bikes and play for a while.

“The point of our rides is to spend a Sunday out on a bicycle to relieve the everyday stress of work, meet new friends, and just have a great time,” said Montoya. ”If someone breaks down or gets a flat, we all stop and help and wait. Nobody gets left behind.”

Over the past year more and more Turlockers have been participating in the monthly rides. Many have inquired about a Turlock ride, so with the help of co-organizers Jose Garcia of Turlock and Mario Martinez of Modesto, Rolling Relics made it happen. A test ride was done in mid-January with about 20 riders to plan out the February route

“I’ve been on several Rolling Relics rides over the past two years from Sacramento to Fresno and as far away as Monterey,” Martinez said. “It’s always family-friendly … so come on out and lets cruise.”

The bike community is an eclectic bunch. These rides tend to draw individual riders and bicycle clubs from all over California. Don’t be surprised to see jackets or t shirts with names of clubs like The Chopaderos, City-Style Cruisers, Kruz3rmob, Eternal Rascals,The Wobble Riderz, The Others and of course The Rolling Relics. All of these clubs promote a strong sense of family and respect for their community.

Carlos Puga, a custom and theme bike builder from Hughson, said that despite the diversity of the bikes and their riders, everyone gets along and has a great time.

“I dig meeting new people and I meet someone new at almost every ride,” Puga said. “I love seeing everyone’s bikes from the simple Huffys to the custom choppers.. Most of all I love when people pass by honking and cheering us on.

“Sometimes people ask if we are a bike gang,” Puga said with a laugh. “It’s great just being around people with the same interests.”

The ride will begin at 10 a.m. Sunday at Jura’s Pizza, 309 N Center St. It will end at the same location at roughly 3 p.m. Anyone with a bike is encouraged to come out and participate. Drivers are encouraged to please be mindful of the procession.

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/rolling.relics.

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