Marijuana Grow Op Found After Felon Flees Police

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A fleeing suspect lead Turlock Police to a large cultivation of marijuana in Turlock Wednesday.

According to Turlock Police Department spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis, a suspect, later identified as Robert Hernandez, 32, fled from police after he was spotted and recognized as a wanted felon. Hernandez lead to police to a residence on the 300 block of Angelus Street, where police located more than 200 marijuana plants.

The plants were determined to belong to Pedro Gil, 27, and both he and Hernandez were arrested.

At 1:04 p.m., a Turlock Police officer spotted Hernandez driving and believed it was Adam Vargas, 31, who is wanted for several charges. Upon attempting to make a stop, Hernandez fled at a high speed, Lewis said.

Hernandez ditched his vehicle in an alleyway off S. Orange Street and fled on foot.

Police located a detached garage on the 300 block of Angelus Street, where they located Hernandez and the marijuana.

Police found more than 200 marijuana plants growing in the garage, as well as 50 more plants that had been cut up in an adjacent garage, Lewis said.

Through investigating, police determined that the marijuana cultivation belonged to Gil.

Upon attempting to arrest Gil, Hernandez took off while he was in handcuffs and was chased for about a block until he was apprehended.

Hernandez was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and an active felony warrant for robbery out of Ceres Police Department.

Gil was arrested for marijuana cultivation. 

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  1. Boss Illuminati says:

    the greatest plant in the universe is almost free, LET FREEDOM RING!!!13

    “any doctor against marijuana is a doctor of death” – cali secret 420

    from 0 states to half the country, from low 20% approval to almost 70%, cali runs this planet by 2 decades, time to tie marijuana to the 2014, and 2016 elections, out with the old, in with the new

    20 years behind us southern states, sad and scary….nobody denies freedoms like the south, nobody…even if marijuana reforms did pass the republiCANTS in charge would deny you all your freedoms, centuries of practice…no matter though, we never planned on getting your backwards brethren from day one, half the country already but not one southern state, lol…

    love and freedom forever, dominating 2014


  2. nellie says:

    You know what’s funny, my family and I would drive near there because I have an aunt that lives on Angelus and we would ALWAYS have to roll our windows up because of that stinch!!! What has Turlock turned into? I’m almost embarrest to say I live here! I’m sure if our police department would patrol the area more often they would catch a lot more of this scum! And yeah, let freedom ring???? How about the freedom to be able to breath air that isn’t polluted with that stuff??

  3. HA says:

    I’m so amused by Nellie’s poor spelling.

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