Argument Over Stolen Bike Leads to Two Arrests|

A Turlock man was arrested for taking matters into his own hands this week, after he called police on a women he spotted riding his stolen bike.

Vicente Caldera, 20, first called police when he allegedly saw Sara Freitas, 33, on his stolen bike.

Caldera and Freitas got into a verbal argument regarding the bicycle. As the argument escalated, Caldera allegedly brandished a knife.

Caldera was arrested and cited for brandishing a knife in a threatening manner, a misdemeanor.

Freitas was arrested and booked for receiving stolen property.

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  1. tlk resident says:
    I hate all these homeless tweaker thiefs wondering around turlock like walking dead walkers. I can't believe turlock police let them pitch hobo camps up in our neighborhoods. Thank you turlock for the homeless assistance ministry on east ave for drawing in all the drugged out drunks to our nice once quite neighborhoods.

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