Around Turlock – February 25

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When you’re walking around Turlock, it can be a good idea to watch your step.

This uneven sidewalk, spotted on Minaret Avenue, is one of many seen around the City of Turlock. The common issue occurs as street trees grow and their roots break adjacent sidewalks.

It is a homeowners’ responsibility to maintain the sidewalk in front of his or her house, and homeowners may be liable if pedestrians trip and fall on their sidewalk. Some Turlockers take issue with this, as they blame the city-owned street trees for causing the sidewalk situation.

The City of Turlock is, however, currently waiving permit fees for sidewalk repairs.

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  1. Mona says:
    It's complete BS that the City of Turlock is waiving permit fees to fix these sidewalks. I see people trip and fall over these kind of sidewalks all the time. People lives are at stake. This is PRETTY important Turlock. Do something about it.
  2. oodi says:
    Mona, the city should be paying for these sidewalks to be fixed. Why should homeowner's be responsible for the damage a city tree causes????? Why should they pay for a permit to get it fixed??? The homeowner's had NO say in what type of trees would be planted, and anyone with half a brain would NOT have chosen trees with such invasive root systems as have been chosen by the city here in Turlock. If this were any other situation, the person responsible for causing damage to someone else's property would be held liable for the repairs. But the city refuses to accept responsibility for the damages their choices cause. Talk about a double standard!!!!!!!!!

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