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Turlockers Rescue Man from Burning Car, Now Seek His Identity

Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com|

Two CareMore medical assistants are looking for help locating a man they rescued from his burning vehicle in Turlock on Feb. 17.

The man was driving in the parking lot adjacent to the CareMore Care Center in Turlock when he crashed into a parked car due to a suspected seizure.

Vanessa Furtado and Maritza Saucedo, employees of CareMore, saw the accident and attempted to remove the man from the vehicle. But the doors were locked and the trunk had begun to be engulfed in flames.

"Maritza and I ran outside to see a man vomiting, trapped in his car between two others," said Furtado. "We ran back inside to grab a stool and cane to break through the front window of the car and open the door from the inside. The car was still running and he had his foot on the gas pedal."

The car began to overheat and fill with smoke, but Furtado and Saucedo were able to break in, turn off the vehicle and pull the man, who was unconscious, out of the vehicle.

An ambulance arrived on scene to take the unidentified man to a hospital.

Furtado and Maritza escaped with no injuries other than minor smoke inhalation.

Furtado and Maritza would like the opportunity to speak with the man and learn about his condition since the accident.

"Maritza and I would really like to find this man and find out how he is recovering. The situation happened so quickly that we were unable to find out his name or where he was being taken," said Furtado.

The CareMore Care Center in Turlock is located 1000 Delbon Ave. in the Delbon Medical Center.

Anyone with information may contact the CareMore Care Center in Turlock at 1-877-211-6614. 

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    My guess is he’s at Emanuel

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