Crowell Elementary Student, 6, Stabs Classmate in Throat

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Ruben Aguilar, the parent of a first-grade student at Crowell Elementary School, in Turlock says his son was stabbed in the throat with a pencil by a fellow male student last Thursday.

Turlock Police Department spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis confirmed that officers were called to Emanuel Medical Center in Turlock regarding the stabbing at 3:30 p.m. Feb. 27. The 6-year-old boy allegedly responsible for the stabbing was not arrested, Lewis said; state penal code legislates that young children lack the mental capacity to commit crimes.

The boy was transported by ambulance from Emanuel to Children’s Hospital Central California for treatment, Lewis said.

Aguilar contacted because he says his son has been the victim of repeated bullying at the school. He feels the school has not responded to his complaints.

“He was having trouble with bullying and everybody we talked to – there is nothing I feel like being done,” he wrote in an e-mail. “I would like to make this public so this doesn’t happen to another kid, and the bullying that’s going on at that school will stop.”

The incident remains under investigation, with a school resource officer involved. Lewis said that the initial police report does not include witness or school official statements.

At this time it is unknown if Aguilar’s son has returned to school, or the current state of his medical condition. Aguilar has not returned phone calls for further comment following his e-mail.

It is also unknown if the child who allegedly stabbed Aguilar’s son remains at school.

After the stabbing occurred, Aguilar says his son sat in the school office with a pencil stuck in his neck. Aguilar was unable to immediately pick up his child as he was in Modesto undergoing a dental procedure.

Aguilar says his father; the boy’s grandpa, ultimately picked the boy up.

Turlock Unified School District officials and Crowell Elementary School administrators were not immediately available for comment on the incident. will provide more information about the stabbing as it becomes available.

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  1. Natalie says:
    What the hell the boy sat with a pencil in his neck to ambulance was called really???
  2. Maryann says:
    I absolutely hate Crowell school. It is incredibly sad that something so bad happened. My son was bullied on a daily basis and the school did nothing. The bully sat in my son's class every day regardless of who i spoke with about the problem. Even after threatening my son with a pair of scissors. My son was so scared he cried because he didn't want to go to school and for his safety and well being i didn't make him. School is a place where they should feel safe. I understand bullying can and will happen anywhere but it's their jobs to help and protect our kids while they're there. I ended up having to change my son's school since nobody cared to enforce their so called "zero tolerance" policy and he's back to loving school and being happy. Im truly sorry for the child and their family and wish them the best.
  3. oodi says:
    Something is wrong with this whole story. The school didn't call 911 to get paramedics to respond??? How did the child get to Emanuel Hospital??? The child couldn't have been too seriously injured if Emanuel allowed the grandfather to take him 80 miles away to CHCC. And assuming he wasn't seriously injured, why did the grandfather feel it necessary to drive him 80 miles to CHCC??? Lots of missing info.
  4. Amy says:
    This is ridiculous. It is so sad that this school has gone so.far down hill. My children went to this schoolfrom 1st grade on and and my son got picked on for a while. The only person who ever helped uswith this was an old Vice Principle. I believe he is now at Pitman. I remember after he left, the New vice principle called me to tell me, my son was involved in an altercation where a boy bit his head... What kind of people shluff that off? So sad, I used to love this school.
  5. wendy says:
    Why the hell didnt they call an ambulance to have the boy taken to the er to get the pencil removed? Come on, wth was the school thinking? The schools claim they are against Bullying but it sure don't seem like it... The kid that did the staffing should be suspended from school... I know I would be raising some problems if it was me and that was my son!!!!!!
  6. Yolanda says:
    I am the boys aunt. My father didn't not transport him to children's hospital. He (my father) picked him up from school transported to Emanuel's hospital where the doctors ordered that my nephew be transported via ambulance to Children's Hospital in Madera.

    Yolanda Aguilar
  7. Allen says:
    I was bullied all my life growing up in turlock, and got beat up. The scho didn't give a flying ***k. As I got older, I realized it was because I acted like a girl. Who knew I was gay? Haha. Oh well, that's the past. I live in NYC now
  8. Catalina says:
    How come the school officials did not call "911 immediately"
  9. oodi says:

    Obviously the article contains incorrect information. Thank you for clarifying.
  10. MANOFTRUTH says:
    WTF??? What kind of ANIMAL stabs a child in the throat, and isn't punished?? The "DATED" California state penal code legislates that young children lack the mental capacity to commit crimes??? WTF??? We have daily murder's by children, So dam frequent that the ID channel has a show based off children who murder! This school sounds like any CRAPPY DANGEROUS OAKLAND SCHOOL! Install camera's around that school exterior, as well as the interior just as a prison! If that was my kid, I would lawyer up, and make them all pay!!!
  11. Jennifer Pittenger says:
    My niece goes there and also gets bullied ,and meetings with vice principal, and district but still gets bullied every day, and nothing is done about it I thought that bulling was not allowed to happen to kids at school step up and take care of it already. I hate when my niece is down on herself and depressed, and down get the control of this mess and fix to end it A.S.A.P
  12. Jennifer Pittenger says:
    My niece also goes to this school and is bullied everyday. It dont help going to the vice principal or school district cause she is down on herself, and depressed everyday. Do your job, and stop the bulling or a news crew will be there wondering why your not doing your job on stopping this
  13. Concerned says:
    Manoftruth-- seriously?? Come on dude this school is not like a school i. Oakland nor needs to be treated as a prison.

    The real problem is PARENTING. Period. If people would really take the time to parent, discipline, praise, love and encourage their
    Children. Everyone is so self asborbed now days and take the easy way out and stick them infront of the tv. Where there are no filters on cartoons, shows like they used to have. Now you have to pay for real educational tv like sprouts. Everything is all about violence and bad language. If the children werent watching tjese shows or being parented they wouldnt think it was okay.

    I am by no means defending this schools course of action. Letting the child sit in the office with a PENCIL IN HIS NECK IS WRONG!! They shouldve had the ambulance there or driven him down the street, it is literally up the road!! I really am appauled that this has happened and this is the first time I am hearing about this and i have a child that goes there!!

    I do feel that this school should be doing more to teach children the dangers of bullying as well as the parents, because the school can only do so much. With out the parents help the schools can not succeed.
  14. luis moya says:
    Mi niña esta en esa en la misma aula de clases del niño que sufrio este percanse y ella me conto otra historia de como ocurrioel incidente por favor investiguen bien por el bien del estudiantado y reputacion de la escuela crow.y sus maestros.
  15. Brandon says:
    Taking the story public doesn't stop bullying. Unless of course the 6 year old follows Turlock City News. Let it be a lesson that we need to teach our kids to stand up for themselves. Hopefully the school has done something about the child who was the aggressor.
  16. hobbes says:
    There are so many things wrong with this story, I don't even know where to start. The bullying? The fact the school didn't call 911? The fact that dad didn't drop *everything* and get his ass down to the school? That he didn't call 911 himself? The fact that the other child actually stabbed another child?

    Parents; consider this a wake up call. It's on you. You can't rely on the school to protect your children. You can't rely on other parents to raise their children properly. You have to prepare your child for the harsh realities of public school life.

    My child will be taught to defend himself, "anti-bullying rules" or no. If he gets suspended for defending himself, I will take him out for pizza...after I get done yelling at every god damned administrator who can't find their ass with both hands.
  17. Laura Johnson says:
    I think the father is right on about nothing happening with bullying in the Turlock school system. I also think some of the teachers do not help with the matter either, for example stereotyping a child because of his hair cut and constantly picking on said child...isn't that bullying?
  18. D says:
    Why do you even tell us about this event if you do not have any follow-up information???? I have a grandbaby in school close to there and you give NO details. WAIT until you have information, you know"info" that "informs" us before you gossip!!!!! You are dumb-asses for even stating any of the above. MEDIA sucks!!!!!!!
  19. Appalled guest says:
    I am not appalled at this story....I'm appalled at the fact that so many are taking it as the truth. Why wasn't an ambulance called? Hmm..... Maybe because it isn't true? For those who believe everything they read....please look up the word gullible.
  20. America says:
    Luis this is America. We don't speak Spanish. Are you trying to tell us it was your child that stabbed the child and viva Mexico
  21. Angela says:
    You ignorant asshole for you to sit there and type some disrespectful things saying that this didn't happen your a fool cause I know this family and they don't take likely to fake Shit for one and for two that's a 6 year old boy put the shoe on the other foot cause if it happened to your child you would do the same if not worse im just in shock that Ruben hasn't gotten a lawyer and sued the hell out of the school yet but best believe this isn't over yet this is going viral and best believe I will help make sure of it
  22. lol says:
    stab the kid who stabbed the kid back in the neck to show him the pain he caused another
  23. JOHN says:
    My six year old reads Turlock City News. He sure doesn't read the toilet paper or should we say the Turlock Journal. I quit reading that trash newspaper years ago. Who reads it? Who would work for them? Crazies would.
  24. George says:
    if this was a case of bullying why wasn't anything done about it, if they did something about it, this would've been prevented, to hear one commentator say that her niece was bullied there, I ask did they talk to the superintendent, or the board of education about it. why not put in a transfer to another school, if there is rampant bullying at the school, then it needs to be taken care, as for a pencil stabbing, the kid is wrong for doing that, and he should be punished, however, if there is actual bullying that drove him to do that, then something must be done about it as well.
  25. MOTHER says:
  26. Mona says:
    The ambulance should have been called. What kind of sorcery is this? It's not caveman time people, we have something called 911 now. CALL IT IN EMERGENCIES.
  27. Nicole says:
    My grandson was bullied in the 3rd grade at crowell four boys would run after him after school and try to beat him up.they called him the N word and threatned to stab him.the v.p took it very lightly and my grandsons teacher didnt believe anything that happened even though we had witnesses she still works at crowell as a teacher and i cant believe they hire teachers that are one sided you see the teacher is white and so was the grandson is black he 17 years old now!if crowell hasnt changed in 10 years there not going to change now.
  28. chris says:
    My family just went through this with my grandson in Transitional K. Thank God it was not to this extent. He has been bullied verbally, by being called dumb, stupid etc and also physically attacked. It has now got to the point where my daughter has decided to keep him home for the rest of the school year as he is afraid to go. The school has done NOTHING to the BULLY, and the school did not notify my daughter of the "attack" She only found at from another mother. Zero tolerance??? Other schools are suspending kids for cheese sandwiches? SMH
  29. Meggers1992 says:
    They need to put that kid in jail for stabbing him with a pencil. They need to DISCIPLINE him somehow right??
  30. Anthony says:
    Send the parents to jail! Put the kid in a foster home.
  31. Rachelle Hernandez says:
    The teacher should be held responsible for not watching or monitoring the class. If bullying occurs there needs to be an adult to stop it an that's what's expected when parents drop theirs kids off at school that the teacher is watching over them while in her care. If the teacher isn't held responsible then the school should be but it's not the kids fault or his parents
  32. Rina says:
    Nothing happened to the kid that stabbed the boy, he was able to continue going to school. I feel he should have been expelled no matter the age. At the age of 6yrs old they know not to harm others.....the school does teach "keep your hands to yourself". Another thing that made me upset was the fact that the school did not call 911. Yes, I understand the parents need to be contacted, but be sure to call 911 first, then the parents. Not only does the child need some professional help, but it seems that the school officials need some help w/ emergency training!
  33. 911 says:
    911 Should have been called to protect the stabber from the victims parents. Think of what that kid must see at home everyday to think hell ill just stab this dude in the neck. Either he comes from a crazy home or he is a seed of chucky
  34. RationalThinking says:
    What's really sad is all kids need to be put in check. Kids need to know appropriate boundaries and as parents we need to support each other and school officials. When our kids act up at school we blame the schools. When our kids act up in public and they are confronted by an adult we blame the adult.

    The bottom line is we need to put our kids in check so others don't have to. I am sickened by the language I hear whenever I walk across a public school campus. I had a mouth as bad as any of these kids but we had enough respect not to use it in the presence of any adults. Quit treating your kids like peers and put them in check when they are disrespectful to others. [b]Sometime it [u]IS[/u] your kids fault![/b]

    As for bullying, it has been around forever. It happens at school, at the playground, at the sports complex, in business and in our own homes between our kids. Deal with it and move on. I am absolutely in agreement that assaultive behavior can't be tolerated at school. This stabbing incident is an extreme example of a six year old losing control. Maybe its behavior he learned at home or maybe he some chemical or other psychological problem unrelated to the way his parent reared him.

    Some of you parent raising concerns may have legitimate complaints. Others may be helicopter parents who need to back off and allow your children to mature. Yes, dealing with bullies is a skill we all need to develop. Its a life lesson.

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