Medeiros Children Named TUSD Students of the Month

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The Turlock Unified School District Character Counts Students of the Month for the character trait of respect are Medeiros Elementary School sixth-grader David Roy and fourth-grader Mya Sanchez.

David Roy provided the inspirational message during the TUSD Board of Trustees Meeting on Tuesday evening. He says respect includes caring about what others feel and taking care of your surroundings.

David says he is thankful for being raised by parents who taught him to use please and thank you, and to listen to his elders. Roy shows respect in his home by helping his mom unload the dishwasher, picking up his Legos so his father doesn’t vacuum over them, letting his mother take the first bite of his candy and treating others like he would like to be treated.

This remarkable young man is known to start his school day with a “good morning.” Mr. Thomas, his teacher, says David always has a smile on his face.

“David is a hard worker and puts forth 110 percent into everything he does,” Thomas said. “He sets goals for himself and competes with himself to better his academic skills.”

Academically, David’s accomplishments include a powerpoint on Jupiter he created in third grade. In fourth grade he designed a Battleship game and a snap circuit radio. In fifth grade he received first place in the science fair, and last summer he created a conversational computer program. He has scored advanced on all of his state tests since second grade. In third and fifth grade he received a 600 on his math test, and he is part of the Math Blast team. David is very interested in locomotives and engineering.

Mya is known for her competitive fire that drives her to compete on the field of play and in the classroom. Her third-grade teacher, Aimee Hendrix, says she has great character and morals that have been reinforced by her wonderful family.

“Mya is a wonderful example of a committed and enthusiastic student, who has that internal motivation to succeed,” said her current teacher, Ms. Cardoza.

This young lady’s determination is boundless. She is a member of the AJAX soccer team as a goalie. Also, Mya has won the first place for the past three years in the school’s Punt, Pass, and Kick competition. From Turlock, Mya has won the sectional competition and has appeared on the field during two San Francisco 49ers games and one Oakland Raiders game, where she also won.

Every year she has received words of encouragement from Colin Kaepernick. The first year she won, she was able to go over to his house and compare her Punt, Pass and Kick medal with the one he won many years ago when he was a student at Julien Elementary. 

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