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Turlock Police Warn of IRS Phone Scam

Courtesy of the IRS|

Phone scams have become a common occurrence. There have been recent reports of scammers posing as PG&E, and even law enforcement, but now Turlock police say scammers are claiming to represent the Internal Revenue Services.

The Turlock Police Department received a report of fraud on Feb. 28, involving an unknown subject claiming he was with the IRS. The scammer told the victim he was behind on his taxes and needed to wire transfer a set amount of money to an account given by the scammer.

The suspect also informed the victim that members of the Turlock Police Command Staff would be contacting or arresting him if he did not cooperate.

The Turlock Police Department is warning the community so they do not fall victim to the scam.

Turlock Police Chief Robert Jackson also wants the community to know that the Turlock Police Department has nothing to do with collecting money for the IRS. 

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