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Former Turlock City Councilman Helps Save Life of Diabetic Man in Car Crash


Former Turlock City Councilman Ted Howze played the role of good Samaritan on Wednesday morning, coming to the aid of a man who crashed his car on Highway 99.

Howze was driving to Sacramento on Highway 99, when a Chevrolet Suburban swerved across lanes of traffic and sideswiped the center barrier near Galt. The Suburban then drifted back across the highway

“I can see the driver slumped in his seat and, along with another good Samaritan, race ahead and get out of our vehicles to catch the Suburban as it slows and get it in park,” Howze said in a Facebook post about the incident.

As Howze, a large animal veterinarian and a former EMT, reached the slumped-over man, he assessed the man as in shock, awake, and verbally unresponsive. Howze laid the victim down and elevated his feet, while the other good Samaritan called 9-1-1.

Howze quickly determined that the man was diabetic. The man could not remember how long it had been since his last insulin injection, and said it had been at least four hours until he ate his last meal.

Shortly thereafter, an AMR ambulance arrived on scene.

“Just then the cavalry arrived and sent us goofball amateurs home before I could find any sugar,” Howze said. “I wasn't sure if he was having a heart attack, stroke or in a diabetic coma as I drove away.”

Howze left his business card with the injured man. He called Howze later that day, letting him know that he was suffering from low blood sugar due to diabetes, and that he will be just fine.

“(It) made my day,” Howze said.

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  1. Mayor says:

    Now Dj is starting his master’s mayor election campaign. Everything on this site is setup.

    Don’t trust it.

  2. Turlockian says:

    Don’t report anything positive

  3. Sandie Sing says:

    Proud to see Ted Howze being a good Samaritan. Bravo for the good deed!

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