Father Infuriated Over Reports Son Stabbed Himself

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Anonymous sources have come forward indicating that Crowell Elementary School Principal Linda Alaniz has allegedly told teachers, staff and parents that the child who is believed to have been stabbed in the throat by a 6-year-old classmate accidently stabbed himself.

“Teachers and staff were told by principal Linda Alaniz that the boy stabbed himself,” a source wrote. “Parents can say whatever they want, but the police report and the school report match.”

Alaniz, Crowell Elementary School staff, and Turlock Unified School District administrators continue to decline comment on the case.

However, Turlock police have confirmed that the boy was stabbed by a classmate, and that the incident was not an accident.

Turlock Police Department spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis confirmed the incident report, penned by School Resource Officer Joseph Ramos on Feb. 27, concludes that “It is determined that (name omitted) has been stabbed by a classmate.”

That incident report remains the only report by TPD personnel, although Lewis says the investigation remains active.

The father of the boy, Ruben Aguilar, says Alaniz is lying to cover herself. Aguilar said he has heard that Alaniz is claiming his son accidentally stabbed himself from several Crowell Elementary School parents.

“They (Crowell administration) are trying to cover themselves, and trying to change their story to make themselves look good, and that is really sad,” he said. “When they called me they said he was stabbed in the throat by another student and the kid who did it was in the office. I have never changed my story – they are.”

Following a closed session board meeting held at 7 a.m. Tuesday in regards to “potential litigation (one case),” Turlock Unified School District Trustee Frank Lima refused to comment. He said only that no action was taken by the board, and that “Everyone is healthy and happy, and that’s what is most important.”

Aguilar disagrees with that brief statement.

“My son is not healthy or happy,” he said. “I’ve put him in counseling. Now I’m thinking about taking him out of Turlock Unified all together. When I went public with this it wasn’t to get money, it was because no one gave me answers and no one is being held accountable.” 

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  1. Give Me a Break! says:

    Good Take you kid out of school and quit turning him into a professional victim at six years old. I think this is all about getting money for an unfortunate incident.

  2. Questionable Motive? says:

    Unnamed source sounds more like something turlockcitynews would conjour up to create more traffic to the site than something an administrator would say. To me that’s a qestionable motive by this site as they try and become more fluff and filler than substance. To bad, turlockcitynews was almost becoming a decent local news source instead of a local tabloid.

  3. Agreed says:

    Agreed. Unnamed sources is one thing but “anonymous” sources create questions.

  4. Tabloid says:

    A tabloid could just as easily let the rumor that has been confirmed all over Facebook that the father is lying and that the kid stabbed himself.

    There are a lot of parents who care about this and want the bullying to stop.

    Thank you for the updates Jonathan and TCN.

  5. Updates says:

    I want to know the updates. My kid goes to school there and we hear the rumors too and nobody tells us anything. Do a story on the bullying that goes on that school more than others!!!!

  6. Principal says:

    Something isn’t right about this principal. Why is she still working there? Is she sleeping with someone on the TUSD board or the admin office?please investigate.

  7. Enough already says:

    How about everyone get a
    Life and let the facts sort them self out? Nothing factual has been reported on this case. Everything has been heresay or come from the guy whose going to sue. Until we see
    Medical records and an actual police report- I’m going to stay neutral. Has anybody thought about how all this negative publicity is hurting other students and families at that school? I agree with some
    Other person who posted that this should be being dealt with in a private manner by the boys family instead if making him the kid everyone is going to be talking about at his new school. 🙁

  8. no name says:

    TUSD is just looking out for them self . I worked with them to long and they don’t take care of the little people just the big people . I am so sick of this district .not taking care of people and let them get away with things ,that’s not right . someone need to speak up and think about the bigger picture .not about how much more they will make . Take care of the Little people .

  9. concerned parent says:

    I have dealt personally with this administration and they have turned every incident of bullying involving my kids into our kid did something wrong. I am pulling my children from this school and suggest you do the same.. i have had my kids come home with multiple bruises and even black eyes and the school does nothing.

  10. PITA Parents says:

    Some people are just too stupid to recognize this entire thing was blown way out of proportion. Everyone with an ax to grind and all these PITA parents and drama queens are using this incident as an excuse to point fingers at the school. You guys are all just sad.

  11. pitavida says:

    TUSD is horrible. I remember when I went to TJHS I was being bullied by a kid. Came to the point where he literally pushed me to the ground so I defended myself. I ended up getting yelled at belittled by the deAn because this kids dad was a police officer. I ended up getting suspended for being bullied. TUSD is a joke.

  12. Eddie Guevara says:

    While the administration of Crowell may have miss handled the situation, I’d be more concerned about crossing paths with the father of this child. Check out Meagan’s Law website.

  13. oodi says:

    In addition to the Megan’s Law website, also take a look at the Stan County Court case index for both parents.

  14. sins of a father says:

    What the father an mother have done or not done should not reflect on the fact that their child was being bullied an now stabbed in the neck… get over yourself an look at the real issue! All these parents who have complained an nothing has been done, now this situation has brought alot to light… i am more concerened with the tusd not protecting these kids from these little (*edited by tcn)

  15. blah blah blah says:

    I cant find anything about tje father on magans law.. how stupid can you people be… so.. because this man had ppssibly made bad decisions his son deserved to be stabbed.. that exactly what you odiots bring that up are stateing.. i really hope nothing happens to your kids an ALL your faults come to the surface an then your poor child dont get the help he needs because his parents made mistakes. Some people are just dumber then a box of rocks now days… lets not forget a little boy was stabbed in the neck by another little boy.. is anyone looking into the family an parents of the punk kid who did this… im sure his parents must be absolutly fn perfect right! I have a gut feeling all you people pointing fingers at the victims family are either friends with the parents of the disturbed child who did this or you are friends with the slutacious principle an or other school staffan board members.. good day.

  16. stupid ppl trying to take light off the bullying problem by bringing up old shit. get a life. says:

    Cant find anything online about ruben being a sex offender… regaress that does not make this stabbing situation OK at all.. this little boy is a victim an his parents choices an mistakes dont change the facts.

  17. stupid ppl trying to take light off the bullying problem by bringing up old shit. get a life. says:

    Also to the idiots who are talking about his court cases… theres about 15 different. Ppl with that name.. so i hope all you smarty pants are looking up the right guy before posting your diarreha of the mouth on here.

  18. oodi says:

    The parents history is being brought up as there should be serious concern for what this poor child may or may not be exposed to/victim of at home, in addition to what occurred at school. His picture is on the Megan’s Law website, so there is no question it’s the same person.

  19. Bringing up old (*edited by tcn)? says:

    The guy’s photo with the tattoos above his eyebrows is on the Meghan’s Law Website. The fact that you can’t find it say a lot more about you than us. When did molesting children become “Old (*edited by tcn)” It scares me that the guy is around the school and young children. At least the people working at the school have cleared background checks. Where the outcry about the sex offender?

  20. t says:

    I am sure the child under 14 years of age does not think it is old (*edited by tcn) , he or she will live and think of that the rest of their life.

  21. ok says:

    Hey Ooodi and Old Shi… are you sure he is a child molester? He aint no saint, but if you look on the page it says he has a ZERO rating for chance of repeat offending. Why do u think that is? And r u sure the dad is out of date for registration?

  22. Kat says:

    One question. If the student that was injured, accidently stabbed himself in the throat, why then was he transferred to another school for his protection?? Who is he then being protected from?? Sounds like someone is covering their stink. Sorry but this school has carried a bad reputation for some time. It’s never going to change because no one makes them accountable.

  23. Guest says:

    Why didnt all these parents do do something more when the bullying situations became known? Now they are coming out because of this?

    Seriously, my child was in a situation at the same school and i did everything i could do to NOT let them push me away or say it was just kids being kids..If i didnt get responses to emails or returned calls i was down there everyday. And guess what it was taken care of…

  24. Guest says:

    Bottom line is HE is a SEX OFFENDER period and SHOULD NOT BE around the school period.. Yes it shouldnt matter what the he has done foe the outcome of his sons situation..BUT just as he is concerned about his sons safety every other parent is concerned about their childs safety as well, since hes willingly and knowingly not registering and being on school grounds.

  25. Shame on you says:

    Poor parenting doesn’t give you the right to sue. Gang members, guns, drugs, and a sex offender in the home. Perhaps it’s the parents this child should be afraid of, not another 6 year old. Why wasn’t counseling being sought for these reasons. Seems the more dire need to me.

  26. How are teachers and administrators supposed to discipline students who have parents like these who blame everyone else but their own child. As more facts come out about this incident, it is obvious this child willingly participated in a dangerous “game” instead of following classroom rules. Yes, the other boy was equally involved but only possibly culpable. I wonder if it was the other boy who got hurt, would his parents be suing? Hmm?

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