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Around Turlock – March 13

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O'Reilly Auto Parts moved in mid-February to its new spot on Geer Road, leaving in its wake yet another shell of a business in the Turlock Town Center on Golden State Boulevard.

The Turlock Town Center, located at the corner of Golden State Boulevard and Geer Road, has seen a number of high-profile businesses depart in recent years. Anchor stores like Sears, Anchor Blue, and Fallas Discount Stores either moved from the shopping center or closed completely.

Like several spots around town, this building is empty and up for lease.

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  1. unhappy customer says:

    Anyone who understands economics understands how a bad location or any number of factors will drive customers away and cause economic of a business and that unseen or outside factors can force business to move away from even a prime location and with that said let me explain why this mall in such a prime location is being abandoned by the businesses that used to reside there who have moved or closed.I moved here last year looking for a quieter life after living in a thriving metropolis for years.I chose where i live partially based on the fact that golden state mall or whatever it name is was conviently located to where I reside since i am handicapped and have limited use of my legs although I prefer to ride a bike than use my wheelchair and draw stares of pity from passerby’s or get confused with someone who only uses a chair to get sympathy a now I’m not young nor am I poor I wear nice clothes and ride a one of a kind bicycle that is easily recognizable as does my wife my point being I am there as a customer to spend money in your store .The fact that i have very limited abilities as far as walking is concerned means that I always choose to wait outside and watch our bikes and in my experience I have found that being courteous and polite is usually appreciated by the people that I come into contact with. with that being said,I will explain why a mall in such a prime location is slowly dying I used to do business at this mall but after repeated harassment by the over zealous Nazi like security guards with their gestapo like tactics I no longer shop at Any of the stores in this mall.my story goes something like this:’At first I felt annoyed when it seemed like the young man spent way too much time watching me always parking where he can watch me driving by telling me he was watching me,but when me ignoring his advances or whatever message he was exuding I guess in an effort to gain my attention an over zealous security guard felt it necessary to use his company vehicle as a battering ram to stop my bicycle so he could scream at me to leave his mall,thankfully intelligence ruled that day and i left unscathed but very angry.infuriated i called the security company.after repeated calls to this bogus company’s answering machine I tried to contact the mall owners but they did not feel like answering my call either,so I call store managers who tell me to call the places who do not answer nor do the managers care what goes on in the parking lot,So your security company tries to assault the handicap with a company vehicle and no one is in charge or even answers the phone and you as a store manager do not care well I say good riddance and enjoy your new location poetic justice when your mall in a prime location becomes a ghost town.And my money goes where your businesses move to.

  2. truth says:

    The Turlock Town Center is undergoing renovation. The tenants that have moved were kicked out for not paying rent. Once again shoddy reporting prevails on Turlock City News.

  3. looking up says:

    local security has a done a great job running off all the homeless, panhandlers, loiterers, and gang bangers, tweekers, and crack heads from the property.

  4. seeing the truth is easy says:

    Looking up Saying local security has a done a great job running off all the homeless, panhandlers, loiterers, and gang bangers, tweekers, and crack heads from the property”.Looking up” is like saying “Trees hold the sky up”.For example Wal mart on geer rd doesnt seem to have over zealous security personnel and yet there is none of your characters that you are profiling hanging out there or Raleys as with most places in Turlock I have been You sound like you have a job working security and another thing all your profiled people understand how utterly a security guard really is and while we are on the subject sir I have personally witnessed one of these nazi threaten a mexican man who was picking a recycleable up from a trash can and threaten to pepper spray him I also watched this particular security memberr follow a man into the laundrymat and while the man used the bathroom the security member stood outside the bathroom door with his pepper spray out in a situation where this was innappropiate ( I think pepper spraying someone who uses a public bathroom for free a little extreme}and in a confined space with me and another customer in close proximity and Because I spoke up the security guard left,Doesn’t Happen at any other mall I go to and trees do not hold up the sky sorry “looking up”and just for your information saying”local security has a done a great job running off all the homeless, panhandlers, loiterers, and gang bangers, tweekers, and crack heads from the property.”Implies that the area is over run with the people you are stereotyping.

  5. honest Joe says:

    I always like reading the comments especially ones like “Turlock Town Center is undergoing renovation. The tenants that have moved were kicked out for not paying rent. Once again shoddy reporting prevails on Turlock City News”.slanderous stuff and incredibly opinionated.I find it hard to believe that Sears, Oreily’s and all the other tenants that left were evicted for non payment of rent especially since Oreilys could afford a brand New store.Non payment of rent really, all of them? seems like shoddy intelligence or information gathering on your part sir.Truth,I dont think you know the truth nor as jack would say you couldn’t handle the truth.Maybe your name should be “in denial”or”misinformed but before i go i gotta ask,”does it hurt when you put your foot in your mouth?”

  6. knowledge is power says:

    Security guards have no more power than any ordinary citizen and are not allowed to take the law into their own hands under any circumstances.Pepper spray is only allowed for defense and most security companies Do Not allow their personnel to use and or carry pepper spray because of the legal ramifications.Using a vehicle to assault anyone is a felony as is assault with a deadly weapon,In the case of the security guard if the person was allergic to the active ingredient in pepper spray the charge would be murder.as well as assault charges from any other victim in the vicinity if in an enclosed area.It is not uncommon for security personnel to abuse power when this happens dont be a victim call 911.

  7. zerg rush says:

    tenants not paying rent,security members stereotyping and assaulting the public and its all for sale buy it now while it circles the drain

  8. Business owner says:

    looking up says “local security has a done a great job running off all the homeless, panhandlers, loiterers, and gang bangers, tweekers, and crack heads”so does that mean in his”professional opinion that he is stereotyping everyone he sees.

  9. low income mother says:

    cause i got tatts n drive a caddy wit dubs don confuse me wit a gangsta yu think i don deserve to shop in yu mall?I gots mony I pays taxes Please dont profile me.

  10. starburst says:

    I am homeless. I use computer from ham center.I get 200 dollars a month in foodstamps.being homeless I shop once a day for dinner cause I have no frig .”that would be hard to have being homeless and all.” 98 cent store accepts foodstamps,so why is it that security has to do a good job running my kind off? I remember when I had a home and a job at the school watching your kids back when the school worked me and background checked me and finger printed me and health tested ofchorse you know back when I had a job now being homeless is so hard and only got to prey for security guards like this ,it just sucks that I can’t shop at the 98 cent store cause the guards want me to stay out of there mall.

  11. starburst says:

    my personal life is none of your business cause i use your mall

  12. equal rights for all says:

    Only god can judge me.
    would you judge me?
    are you innocent of all digressions in life
    to cast the first stone of judgement.
    and decide if I can shop in some mall.

  13. Oh no, not another tweeker... says:

    Hey homeless! If you guys are feeling so oppressed by the security at the mall there, then why not stop shopping there? Boycott them! Take your business elsewhere, like back to Oakland or Stockton. Also, I hardly believe the person who says the security ran them over in their wheelchair. What a laugh. If someone had really run your crippled ass over with a car, you’d have called the po-po and had criminal charges filed, not some company to lodge a complaint. If you’re going to make up BS stories, at least make them halfway believable. lol

  14. oh no not another tweaker security gaurd says:

    Sounds like the security guard also cant read the wheelchair man said the loser guard tried to run him down while he was riding a bike If he had been in a chair I would think some loser employee would have ran him down.

  15. oh no not another tweaker security gaurd says:

    I may be homeless but I can shop anywhere I want without being bullied by security guards Ill be there tomorrow.

  16. oh no not another tweaker security gaurd says:

    I bet the guy called the po po and they said if you didn;t get hit we got nothing next time dude let him hit you.

  17. oh no not another tweaker security gaurd says:

    security guards have NO real power so just ignore them or better yet video tape them

  18. we have only just begun says:

    Well security guard you comment again proving your ignorance who is to say the police weren’t contacted but usually in the case of attempted assault or in your case a motor vehicle qualifies as a deadly weapon I think by not filing charges and calling your employer he was giving you a much undeserved break(now make sure you read all of my comment)I would not have,What really bothers me is your Ignorance and your attitude toward the customers who buy products so that you can recieve a paycheck I wonder,do you think that others don’t recognize a bigot when they see one,I do simply by reading your labels,What’s the matter surprised that someone would actually stand up to a bully or are you simply suffering from an inferiority complex justifying your actions in a public forum I think the latter is your real reason.Ignorance has cost your place of work its customer base and keeps new businesses out and your actions will cause your employment to cease,I wonder when that happens if you will blame yourself or the ones you label and once again I think the latter.Funny how social media plays such a key role in our lives today and last time I checked your facebook page had less security than goodwill’s what a sad state of affairs when Your Ignorance and bigotry is practiced on the wrong victim and that persons stands up and fights back.and when I come there I will be video taping so make sure you smile.

  19. Economics 101 says:

    Thanks to the liberals that run California, it has the highest business failure rate (69%) in the country.

  20. No one returns my call are they all on crack? says:

    Had I known no one would answer the phone this long I would have called the state sooner.Spotlight security services,I messaged you on facebook you read it yet you would not respond,Next time I come I will bring my wheelchair so i have a place to sit while I call the police,
    Is it funny that your bullying some short little handicap guy calling him names in the local news comments and in some dying mall.Was it funny when I called the owners.Was it funny when you had to remove my comments from your page,was it funny when I shared my story with all the corporate offices of the stores in your mall.or on the wall of the local police.was that funny want some more?Fine I’ll be your huckleberry.comedy is my specialty.Wanna make fun of me some more well I’ll even give you some ammunition.I am handicapped because of a neuro-muscular disease that i was born with I spent my childhood listening to doctors telling my mother i would never live to be an adult..Fortunately I was able to spend my life working and raising children.
    unfortunately I lost the feeling in my legs about a decade ago limiting my ability to walk.so make fun of me for that or maybe the fact that my blood pressure is so low that if I go to the doctor they change the machine just to see if it is working and that if I remain sedimentary I pass out,I lost the feeling in my fingers this year got a joke for that one?I have dealt with people like you my whole life,my father threw my first wheelchair away because it embarrassed him,Funny funny stuff,so give me a label like cripple hop a long or jerrys kid get a good laugh.and so will I.

  21. trith says:

    still calling gettin no answers the owner of this security service is spencer davidess and michael cuntley is the problem employee Names mispelled on purpose as to protect the guilty

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