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Around Turlock – March 25

Submitted by Frank Goldsmith/TurlockCityNews.com|

The City of Turlock was watering a bit too much in this Monte Vista Avenue median, with water overflowing onto the neighboring street.

A sprinkler appears to be broken in the median, near Geer Road, leading to the over watering.

Turlock Municipal Services Director Michael Cooke has previously noted that water isn’t truly wasted in cases of overwatering such as this. The water runs into Turlock’s stormdrain system, where it gathers in stormwater basins like the Donnelly Park lake. That recycled water is then used to water Turlock’s parks.

This Around Turlock photo was submitted by Frank Goldsmith.

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  1. water rate says:

    and they want to double our water bill so they can waste it

  2. Unhappy says:

    So is it ok for me to over water my lawn and plants? And my neighbors? Everyone in town since all the water gets recycled? They should have had good since to not water when it was going to rain that day and had the day before.

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