Truck Slides Off Turlock On-Ramp

Brandon McMillan/|

A truck slid over the edge of a Turlock highway on-ramp on Monday afternoon.

The driver was heading up the southbound on-ramp for Highway 99 at Main Street around 3:00 p.m., when when he apparently drove over the edge of the on-ramp.

The driver’s Ford F-150 was stuck on the embankment until the California Highway Patrol responded to the scene and called a tow truck.

The truck was towed off the embankment and was able to drive away from the scene.

There were no injuries in the accident and only minimal damage to the truck.

The cause of the accident has not been released by CHP at this time.

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  1. stan says:
    Why would anyone put in the time to take a photo of this, upload it and write an article about it?
  2. Stan says:
    You sound like a real pickle. Maybe they snapped it because many people may have seen it and wondered what happened. Stay off the tcn if it gets you that crankie.
  3. Ron says:
    Yeah stan you cranky pickle!! I saw the truck that day when I drove by and wondered what happened to it, thank god I was able to come to TCN and find out. Stay off TCN stan!!!

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