City Confirms Proposal for McDonald’s Restaurant in Downtown Turlock

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A new McDonald's could be coming to the heart of Downtown Turlock, replacing at least part of the existing Bonander Buick GMC dealership.

The fast food restaurant could open in the area roughly bounded by Center and Marshall Streets, Golden State Boulevard, and an existing Don’s Mobile Glass location. That area currently serves as a car lot for Bonander Buick GMC, and is home to a taco truck.

The potential development, which is still in the planning stages, has been confirmed by City of Turlock staff.

“We have been contacted by McDonald's,” said Rose Stillo, City of Turlock Senior Planner. “They are proposing to put a restaurant there, however we still have some challenges.”

However, McDonalds’ initial proposal reflected a standard McDonald's design, which is incompatible with the strict design standards imposed on Downtown Turlock developments. All new buildings must reflect the character of Turlock’s historic downtown, with architecture which blends in with the older buildings.

“We’re still trying to work with them to adjust their elevations for the building,” Stillo said.

Should McDonald's agree to alter their plans and move forward with the development, approval could be granted on a staff level. The use is consistent with the current zoning of the parcel.

However, if McDonald's officials are unwilling to change the design, the decision will likely come before the Turlock Planning Commission and potentially the Turlock City Council.

Representatives from Bonander Buick GMC did not return requests for comment on the development, or how it may affect the dealerships’ operation. A receptionist was surprised to hear that McDonald's could be taking over some of the Bonander property.

McDonald's currently operates four restaurants in Turlock, located at 2000 W. Main St., 2400 Geer Rd., 3050 Countryside Dr., and 2111 Fulkerth Rd., inside of Walmart.

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  1. billy says:

    Turlock should seek out and encourage small locally owned ventures instead of these minimum wage corporate giants who do nothing less than promote impoverished wages. Walk into any McDonald’s and its mostly middle aged people holding a 2nd job to survive or senior citizens trying to supplement their retirement.

    Great place for the homeless and tweeker/methheads to us the restrooms and pan handle, especially at that proposed location.

    Who in the local government got paid off for this step backwards?

  2. It's not Bonanders land says:

    Bonander never owned that corner. It’s sold many times over the years but it’s a funky corner. It’s currently owned by Silvia’s taco truck I think.

  3. Read says:

    This story didn’t say Bonander owned the property. The picture does clearly show that Bonander operates on that property.

  4. Brent Womack says:

    Are you kidding me? We need a 4th Mcdonalds like I need a hole in my head!

  5. Here we go again says:

    Great job City of Turlock, Planning Commission and Downtown Association! Let’s bring in more fast food and tattoo parlors because they don’t ruin the the historic atmosphere or integrity! Meanwhile, there’s still homeless roaming the streets, tagging, and tweakers and drug deals going down at Jack In The Box- but hey, let’s bring in more of the same! Oh, and I love how the former president of the Downtown Association Board promised to have volunteers roaming Main Street to keep downtown clean and safe and directing transients and tweakers to shelters. Meanwhile, let’s ban new and innovative businesses, including food trucks, which are very chic and upscale in places like Sacramento ans S.F., but let’s have a McDonalds serving Dollar Menu hamburgers two blocks from Bistro and Dust Bowl….who seem strangely silent on this matter. For further insight, please see Turlock City News
    articles on Banning Food Trucks in downtown Turlock.

  6. susan says:

    are you kidding me?? That whole area is so congested with traffic with the light at East Avenue And Golden State Boulevard I cannot even imagine what it would be like with the restaurant with people going in and out of a parking lot. do we really need another crappy McDonalds restaurant!!

  7. Meat Head says:

    Dear Billy, minimum wage is going to be at $10.00 starting next year. Probably more then you are making now.

  8. Guest T says:

    It is more sales tax dollars people and the city needs revenue, don’t squash every opportunity.
    It will look better than the dilapidated auto repair shop to the north.

  9. ron says:

    Sweet! I’ll buy a burger there.

  10. Pete Head says:

    Cool, corporate shite food made from poisoned ingredients and tortured animals but God forbid a small business owner that wants to do a healthy food truck attempt to bring something innovative, fresh and hip to the area. When can we get rid of the dinosaurs that are ruining this already struggling to be cool city?

  11. Matt says:

    Mcdonalds can go flock itself. Why is this even considered?? Horrible. Mcdonalds writes checks to the suits. It’s all about the payoff now. Sad

  12. Sandy B. says:

    Hey everyone! I think it’s going to be a great place for a McDonalds! Bistro and Dust Bowl are just a fad and they don’t have drive thru’s. In years to come they will be gone like the rest of them.

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