New “Giving Club” Works to Unite University, Community, Raise Funds for Student Scholarships

Courtesy of California State University, Stanislaus|

California State University, Stanislaus has announced a new fundraising initiative that will create an annual giving program for the university, titled One Purpose.

According to Shirley Pok, the Vice President of University Advancement at CSU Stanislaus, One Purpose will raise funds designated for student scholarships and to promote student success.

“My vision for the Division of University Advancement has been inspired by my initial desire to help lead, and be part of, this significant time in the history of the university,” said Pok.

After successful terms at Fresno State University, CSU Stanislaus in 1998, and Emanuel Medical Center in 2000, Pok returned to CSU Stanislaus and was appointed to the University Advancement division in April 2013. Since then, she has worked to engage alumni, donors, community members, and corporate partners, in an effort to gain support for students’ success at the university and throughout the region.

With a nod to new CSU Stanislaus President Joseph F. Sheley’s theme of “One” on campus, Pok also admits one off her primary goals for the university is to build relationships between the region, community, and campus.

Although the university rarely addresses the disconnect directly, Sheley’s initiative of engaging the community to accept and support the campus follows years of icy relationships between the campus and its town.

“Embracing the region is very important to me, as well as having the region embrace the campus,” said Pok. “The Division of University Advancement is dedicated to reaching out to the community to tell the stories of our campus proudly, broadly, and boldly.”

Although Pok is set to build better relations between communities on- and off-campus, her impression of the university’s current internal relations left her pleasantly surprised.

“From the moment I arrived, I was so delighted by the positive emails, notes of encouragement and campus-wide enthusiasm to work together toward university goals,” said Pok. “Having the support and readiness of the campus community be so apparent truly speaks to the dedication of those working here at CSU Stanislaus and their commitment to student success.”

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