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Suspect Flees Police with Stolen Shotgun


Turlock police arrested a teenager with a stolen gun on Saturday afternoon, after he led police in a vehicle and foot pursuit.

Alejandro Aguilar, 18, was arrested for pursuit and possession of a stolen shotgun.

The incident began when a Turlock police officer was conducting a routine patrol in the 1400 block of South First Street, said Turlock police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis.

The officer was traveling southbound on South First Street when a vehicle abruptly pulled out of the Mulberry Mobile Park, cutting off the officer. The officer had to slam on his brakes to avoid a collision with the vehicle, said Lewis.

The officer attempted to make a routine traffic stop due to the driver’s unsafe driving maneuver, Lewis said.

At this time, Aguilar fled from police in his vehicle. He eventually stopped on Hartvickson Drive, off of Fifth Street near Linwood Avenue.

Aguilar got out of his vehicle and fled on foot toward South First Street.

The suspect was eventually apprehended in the 1400 block of South First Street.

Police found a shotgun, which had been stolen, in a search of Aguilar’s vehicle. 

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