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Sheriff’s Department Targeting Suspended Drivers

Courtesy of Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department|

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department is teaming up with the Department of Motor Vehicles to keep suspended drivers with prior DUI convictions off the road.

The Sheriff’s Department will receive a “Hot List” from the DMV twice a month. The lists will include the names of all drivers in the area who have at least two prior DUI convictions and whose licenses are currently suspended for one of the convictions.

There are more than 1,500 such drivers in Stanislaus County.

Sheriff’s deputies will then take the lists from DMV, confirm the driver is suspended, and create a list of their own with the 20 to 25 drivers most likely to reoffend.

These lists will contain the name, address, and vehicle description of the suspended drivers. The lists will then be distributed to all officers to look out for offenders.

“These are the most dangerous drivers on the road. Our goal is to stop them from driving until their privilege has been reinstated. Hopefully many of them will hear of this program and decide not to drive. We will be out there trying to catch the rest,” said Deputy Gary Vernon of the Sheriff’s Traffic Unit.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department may also use sting operations and stakeouts to catch offenders.

The Hot List program began on March 28.

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  1. Guest says:

    I am amazed at all of the expired tags on plates.

  2. Really??? says:

    After reading this two thoughts struck me the first one was that I am 100 percent this is profiling and illegal violating these individuals rights and secondly if turlock city news wants to do a story about cars why not just try to walk down golden state past turlock auto source without walking out in the road much like Teos auto sales and other car lots who seem to think cars belong on the sidewalk and as far as that goes when i drove by charros bar and grille last week a tirlock police vehicle was fully parked on the sidewalk so if everyone parks on the sidewalks all over town how are these drivers supposed to walk anywhere.wanna learn how to write real news lesson one just look around let common sense kick in after this parking problem is all over town sidewalks blocked everywhere and people not caring while cops act just as ignorant of the law

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