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New Report: 911 Called to Remove Woman from Apartment in Kaepernick Incident

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A new incident report shows that Seattle Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette called 911 to have a woman removed from his apartment on the night when a “suspicious incident” occurred, allegedly involving San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The incident report shows that Lockette called 911 at 12:03 a.m. on April 2 and told police a naked woman was in his friend’s bed and refused to leave.

The Sacramento Bee reports that emergency services responded to the Viceroy Hotel and took the woman to Jackson Memorial Hospital later that night.

The new report follows initial claims by celebrity news website TMZ that Kaepernick was under investigation for sexual assault. TMZ claimed that the woman remembered undressing in Kaepernick’s bed, then woke up in a hospital with no memory of how she got there.

In the initial “suspicious incident” report obtained by TurlockCityNews.com, the woman told Miami Police she had gone to the Viceroy Hotel to visit Lockette and ended up mixing drinks with Kaepernick, Lockette, and 49ers receiver Quinton Patton on the night of April 1.

She said her and Kaepernick were in bed together, kissing, and he undressed her. He then left the room and they did not have sex, she said in the report.

Lockette and Patton allegedly peeked in the room and she told the two NFL players to get out and asked where Kaepernick was.

She could not remember what happened after that and woke up the hospital.

Kaepernick was named in the incident report, along with Patton and Lockette, but none of the three were charged with anything, nor were there any allegations of sexual assault.

Miami Police spokesperson Rene Pimentel told TurlockCityNews.com that there was only a suspicious incident that was being investigated and said nothing of sexual assault.

Kaepernick denied allegations following initial reports, some of which claimed Miami Police were investigating him on charges of sexual assault. Kaepernick said they were “completely wrong” on Twitter.

XAM Sports, the agency that represents Kaepernick, released this statement following the allegations: “We stand by Colin 100% & are fully confident that the truth will be evident once the facts come to light.”

Similar support has come from his parents, fans, and Turlockers.

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  1. Kyle says:

    “We stand by Colin 100% & are fully confident that the truth will be evident once the facts come to light.”… The truth that Colin did not sexually assault her? or the truth that Colin does not smoke dope, get drunk, and undress a girlfriend in a house with other men? or the truth that he was never even in that house or situation?

  2. SF fan says:

    It may have suddenly occurred to Kap, that he could end up in deep doo-doo, if the woman was high on weed & alcohol and he had sex with her and she later claimed that was non-consensual rape etc. If they had a previous sexual relationship, the lines can seem blurry, (especially if you’ve done some bong hits) until somebody goes to the police. Kap may have bolted out of the Hotel just to get away from the situation and get his head cleared. So then he calls Lockette and asks about whether the woman has left, if he can get her to leave and so on, but she’s too drugged up to be expected to go anywhere under her own power. So then you’ve got Lockette & Patton “peeking” into the room just to figure out what she’s doing and how to get rid of her. After asking her to leave doesn’t work, they resort to 9-1-1.

    Upside is that there likely was no “sexual assault” by anybody. Downside is that it’s not exactly good rep-building for the public to find out that you’re smoking weed and drinking and having a woman over. What was the woman there for in the first place, if the “past” romantic/sexual relationship was over? Was she their regular supplier or weed delivery agent?

    Will there be or can there be, drug charges to worry about or will this just go down as a case of suspect conduct resulting in bad publicity?

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