Modesto Man Files Claim Against City of Turlock Over Seized Medical Marijuana

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A Modesto man has filed a claim against the City of Turlock, arguing that he is owed $250 after medical marijuana was allegedly taken from his car during a search.

According to Otis Witherow, 47, he was stopped by Turlock police on West Main Street on Oct. 8. He alleges that an officer took one-half ounce of medical cannabis from his vehicle, while searching his vehicle.

Witherow says he discovered the marijuana was missing on March 17. He believes he is owed $250, and filed a claim with the City of Turlock.

“This is price is in the middle for going rate on the stores price for Grandaddy Purple,” he wrote in his claim against the city.

The claim is somewhat unusual. Most claims against the City of Turlock allege damage caused to cars by potholes, or an injury due to an uneven sidewalk.

The Turlock City Council is expected to reject Witherow’s claim without discussion as part of its consent calendar at Tuesday’s meeting.

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  1. sandra hjertquist says:

    So he got pulled over on Oct 8 and didnt notice it was missing until March? Thats how it reads….lol sounds about right if you are THAT high. 🙂

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